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Provisional diagnosis was HSP and differential diagnoses included meningococcemia, ITP, Reactive/Post infective Arthritis, JIA [2], Septic Arthritis and connective tissue diseases.
A 22 year-old female patient presented with septic pulmonary embolism (SPE) due to infective arthritis with demonstrative thorax CT images that provided early diagnosis and showed the evolution of radiological lesions.
She had infective arthritis and the 4th metacarpopha-langeal joint of the right hand was swollen, erythematous, and tender.
Orthopedic consultation confirmed the diagnosis of the lesion in the 4th metacarpophalangeal joint of the right hand as infective arthritis due to trauma.
In our patient we detected findings of infective arthritis on the 4th metacarpophalangial joint of her right hand.