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able to cause disease

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caused by infection or capable of causing infection


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In the development of infective endocarditis, a crucial step is the bacteria sticking to the heart valve and then activating platelets to form a clot.
Infective endocarditis during pregnancy carries a high mortality risk, both for the mother and for the fetus.
A method for obtaining infective nematode larvae from cultures.
In contrast, we found that viridans group streptococci continue to be the most common cause of infective endocarditis in the study population and that its incidence rate is approximately twice that of S.
The anti infective agents must also keep their potency when entrapped in the polymer matrix.
Peripheral embolism is more related to infective endocarditis of the left chambers (more prevalent in infective endocarditis of the mitral valve than that of the aortic valve) in the presence of highly mobile large vegetations (3, 4).
When drought-induced, early season viral amplification in the initial transmission foci is followed by high amounts of summer rainfall that increases near surface humidity levels and the availability of oviposition sites, infective mosquitoes are able to disperse and initiate secondary transmission loci away from the original amplification site.
In a series of 104 consecutive patients who underwent transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) to assess a possible diagnosis of infective endocarditis, 14 patients were positive for vegetations (13%).
Clinicians usually diagnose infective endocarditis by using the modified Duke criteria, which includes 3 major criteria (blood cultures typical of infective endocarditis, vegetations on echocardiography, and Coxiella burnetii serologic testing with immunoglobulin [Ig] G phase 1 titer [greater than or equal to] 1:800) and 7 minor criteria (positive blood cultures, fever, previous heart disease, arterial embolism, positive results on serologic examination for endocarditis bacterial pathogens, immunologic disorders, and atypical but compatible findings on echocardiography) (12).
The population-based survey, conducted in 1999, involved 390 adult inpatients with infective endocarditis.
The risk of infection of heart valves in persons predisposed to acquiring infective endocarditis increases with the following conditions: congenital heart disease, rheumatic fever, major dental treatment, open heart surgery, and genitourinary procedures.
Culture-negative endocarditis is implicated in 6% of cases of infective endocarditis in HIV-infected patients.
The section also provides a list of important patent approvals for anti infective drugs.
burnetii is a very infective organism; it can remain viable for long periods in harsh environmental conditions (1).