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in a contagious manner


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I'm not a fan of the tattoos and a couple of them look like they could do with a good wash and a haircut, but it's hard for me not to enjoy their infectiously pop-py music.
Album opener "Secrets" is an infectiously upbeat, catchy pop tune with decidedly non-poppy lyrics revealing some of Lambert's personal struggles like bipolar disorder and weight issues.
Ideas, like diseases, have been shown to spread infectiously between people before eventually dying out," the researchers wrote.
They compared the decline of social networks to the spread of disease, adding: "Eventually, users begin to leave and recovery spreads infectiously as users begin to lose interest in the social network.
In fact, so impressed were the judges that they commented "overall victory so nearly went to the infectiously cute, ridiculously capable FIAT Panda 4x4".
The funnyman, whose sitcom Father Figure was recently on TV, is promising a "hyperactively engaging and infectiously funny night".
Throughout, Commissioner Braswell led with the highest level of integrity; an infectiously positive attitude; and stewardship committed to fair, balanced, and professional engagement with all persons and entities licensed, chartered, and regulated by the department," the division wrote in its latest Financial Institutions Today newsletter.
His songs are infectiously emotional, with his accented voice sounding almost like he's crooning out adult lullabies.
Why not kick back in one of its comfortable booths while listening to infectiously toe-tapping music from the classic swing years?
And it's all because the Ollster wants to focus on racking up some more infectiously catchy No 1s and following his One Direction pals stateside.
The Baghdaddies have been touring the world for 14 years with their uplifting and infectiously, danceable music full of blistering brass, rousing five-part harmonies and a rhythm section that you can't keep still to.
Organized by sections based on genre (such as scary or humorous) and country of origin, the infectiously enthusiastic text focuses primarily on science fiction films with the exception of the televised 1969 moon landing.
It was an infectiously happy occasion, and as memorable for me as it was for each of the students.
The Mocha Girls, who have released three albums (A Taste of Mocha, 2006; Mocha, 2007; and Deliciosa, 2008), also performed covers of various hits, including Shakira's infectiously upbeat and catchy number Waka-Waka.
Children are encouraged to sing and dance along with the infectiously catchy music, sure to lift spirits and widen smiles.