infectious agent

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an agent capable of producing infection

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3) QLM dictates that the proper data management is used to ensure appropriate actions will be taken for each suspected infectious agent encountered.
Increasingly accepted in the scientific community, prions are now considered to be a class of misfolded proteinaceous, infectious agents responsible for several types of human and animal transmissible spongiform encephalopathies.
PathAlert[TM] Detection System, a cost-effective screening and confirmatory detection system for infectious agents, has undergone successful evaluations coordinated by the U.
Isis' proprietary MRS database is a unique combination of software and data that can be used to identify infectious agents, and compare the genetic information of an infectious agent against other organisms in the database.
They are infectious agents made up of an abnormal form of protein.
By constructing conjugated polyspecific antibodies, which target both the MDR protein and the cancer cells or infectious agents, selective blocking of MDR may be achieved.
Lacey, milk cannot be effectively tested for BSE because the infectious agent in milk cannot be concentrated enough for the experiment to be read.
To a large extent, evidence for the presence of an infectious agent, and thus the diagnosis of infectious disease status, is provided by the results of one or more diagnostic tests.
So when an infectious agent comes along, the animal's immune system is "primed" and can react faster.
cultures and stocks of infectious agents, vaccines)
First, an infectious agent produces chronic illness or long-term disability through progressive tissue pathology or organ decompensation (e.
It is believed that removing the infectious agent's protective lipid coating exposes otherwise hidden viral proteins, thereby stimulating the body's immune system to elicit an enhanced therapeutic response to the infectious agent.
While science all but eradicated natural plague, genetically altered strains of its infectious agent still exist.
5 million infusions of Prolastin(R) for alpha-1 antitrypsin augmentation therapy without a documented report of a virus or other infectious agent being transmitted.
Destruction of the virus stocks, the last vestiges of the infectious agent that has killed, scarred and blinded countless millions of people, would be the first deliberate extinction of a species.
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