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containing or resulting from disease-causing organisms


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In one test, the researchers infected 10 mice with larval Schistosoma mansoni and, starting a week later, injected each animal daily for 5 weeks with either K11777 or an inert solution.
In 1983, a major epidemic occurred during which several monkeys died, 1,555 humans were infected, and 150 humans died.
Since then, fewer than 200 people have been infected, but more than half of these human victims have died.
Infected in utero or via breastfeeding, most died before they were old enough for kindergarten.
New experiments show that certain kinds of lobsters avoid sick individuals even before the infected lobsters are contagious or show symptoms that people can see.
Asymptomatic, wild birds infected with mild or lethal influenza subtypes can transmit them to humans via intermediate animals such as domestic poultry and pigs.
OTCBB:AEMD), San Diego, has announced that human clinical trials to treat patients infected with the Hepatitis-C virus (HCV) are now underway at the Apollo Hospital in New Delhi, India.
Eighty-four percent of women in a multicenter study who were offered a rapid HW test during labor agreed to be tested; the test proved to be highly reliable and thus gave women who had not known that they were infected an opportunity to receive treatment aimed at preventing transmission of the virus to their infant during delivery.
It was the first infected bird found in Los Angeles County so far this year.
SoBig carries an attachment that, if opened, instructs the infected computer to communicate with other host computers, further infecting them.
Staph can rub off the skin of an infected person onto the skin of another person during prolonged (skin to skin) contact between them.
Reuters) - The outbreak of the Nimda computer worm, which has spread rapidly across the Internet, appeared to have peaked on Wednesday for the powerful server machines that drive the Web, but the number of infected PCs may never be known, computer security experts said.
Some 2 billion people -- one-third of the world's population -- are infected with the TB organism, Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
And that's precisely what happened in Britain, where a cow-based TSE known as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), jumped to humans who came in contact with affected cows or ate infected meat.
We can no longer escape our responsibility to work with clients concerned or frightened or hurt or infected by AIDS.