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  • verb

Synonyms for infect



  • contaminate
  • transmit disease to
  • spread disease to or among

Synonyms for infect

to have a destructive effect on

to make morally impure

Synonyms for infect

communicate a disease to

Related Words

contaminate with a disease or microorganism

affect in a contagious way

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bird flu- Influenza A types that primarily infect birds, but can infect humans.
Numerous laboratory studies have demonstrated that TSE from one animal can infect an animal of a different species.
Dual-tropic strains infect all 3 types of cells and use both co-receptors as entry pathways.
In West Africa, for example, Lassa virus infects 100,000 to 300,000 people per year, killing more than 5,000 annually.
He and his colleagues began working with a phage that infects the anthrax bacterium almost exclusively and identified the gene encoding its lysin.
low levels of spontaneous lymphocyte apoptosis (programmed cell death) compared to progressors (J Infect Dis, 178, p.
The HSN1 strain of a highly pathogenic avian influenza that caused a severe outbreak in poultry in Southeast Asia in 2004 (28) demonstrated its capacity to infect humans; 39 cases, 28 of them fatal, were officially reported (29).
To infect epithelial cells, Epstein-Barr virus seems to depend upon a complex of two proteins, gH and gL.
However, the duration and magnitude of viremia titers needed to infect mosquito vectors, the clinical outcome of infection, and the immune response were never defined in cotton rats from the enzootic region.
In computer simulations, Weaver found that a Warhol worm--starting with a list of 10,000 potentially vulnerable computers, making 100 scans per second, and requiring 1 second to infect a computer--could spread to 1 million computers in considerably less than 15 minutes, even as little as 8 minutes.
No published reports have shown that other viruses in this genus are able to infect mammalian cells or cell lines.
A gene for a protein that probably helps the bacterium form its unusually thick cell wall also plays a role in enabling M tuberculosis to infect macrophages, according to a report in the February INFECTION AND IMMUNITY.
Even more worrisome for corporate networks is the risk that remote employees connecting to the corporate network through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will infect the network because they do not have antivirus software enabled or properly updated.
The viruses infect, reproduce within, and eventually burst bacteria.
Welchi uses the same RPC hole to infect machines, although Welchi only infects machines running Windows XP operating system.