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Synonyms for infeasible

not capable of being carried out or put into practice

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It's just one of the curiosities surrounding a remarkable property with the infeasibly lovely address of Honeysuckle Lane, near the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Upper Colwyn Bay.
I'M one of those chilly mortals who always has infeasibly cold hands and feet.
Through the infeasibly large black doors we stepped into the sumptuously decorated interior, opening onto an impressive stairway evocative of many a period film and into the bar.
and with all manner of plot holes, contrived coincidences and character confrontations, not to mention Sue Johnston's infeasibly insightful psychological profiler, it may have woken the dead but it was in danger of having me nodding off.
THEY'RE both famed for their obsession with plastic surgery, erratic behaviour, infeasibly large breasts .