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the quality of not being doable

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Using this approach, a low oil price scenario was found during the production period, and the intensity of this movement significantly influenced the project's infeasibility when managerial flexibility was disregarded.
As a factual matter, these hyperbolic claims of infeasibility are unfounded.
The failure of the government's projects to catch the interest of investors should have hinted at their infeasibility.
Butler & Finelli, "The infeasibility of experimental quantification of life-critical software reliability," IEEE Trans.
Reasons for infeasibility of those results are summarized as follows:
And as long as people can enjoy the elbow-throwing wish-fulfillment of watching him in action, most of the rest doesn't matter to them -- not the bombast, not the war-mongering, not the infeasibility of even his signature promises and certainly not the consequences if he keeps them.
For i [member of] [PSI], we define left and right time gaps of infeasibility at port i, denoted by [[DELTA].
In this scenario, the academic program acquires the urgent need to understand the social processes and the evidence of the infeasibility of a development model that privileges the logics of the market in detriment of human wellbeing.
The use of compatibilizers is being explored increasingly in the recycling industry as a way to create value in mixed feed streams that cannot be further segregated by resin type, either due to technical challenges related to collecting, cleaning, and sorting, or to economic infeasibility.
What if a 30 percent quota pushes already tenuous development proposals into financial infeasibility, and nothing happens?
I) Ability to recognize the feasibility or infeasibility of the problems and also the conditions of the existence or non-expectance results.
Given the difficulty of keeping track of mobile devices as they roam in and out of compliance, there rises the need for a more subtle and automated means of observing the behaviour of interacting nodes, noting the infeasibility of physical patron and inspection of the security compliance of devices.
However, mental disability was not included in the current study considering the infeasibility for assessing the same.
Given the apparent infeasibility of the first five options, U.