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Carlo Orelli, the last Italian infantryman ; born December 23, 1894, died January 22, 2005
But the next time the United States goes into battle, women will be as close to the front lines as any infantryman.
troops are gaining VFW eligibility in the war zone by earning the Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB), the Combat Medical Badge (CMB) and the Combat Action Ribbon (CAR).
His experience as an infantryman explains why he can draw a bead so authoritatively on reporters who are impressed to learn that soldiers occasionally train with live ammo.
THE grave of 20 British infantryman who died in the First World War has been found near Arras in northern France.
Having been spun by course doctors at Ascot and Southwell, Tommy Stack is finally passed fit to resume at Newcastle and wastes no time in getting back among the winners when Infantryman (Arthur Stephenson) takes the handicap hurdle from Tanora (Denys Smith/Nigel Balmer, 7lb).
153) reminded me of when I was a 20-year-old infantryman in South Vietnam in 1969.
David McDonald, Vice President for Military Specialist Communications, comments, "The combination of skills from Sennheiser and SELEX Communications, respectively world leaders in ANR and soldier systems communications, provides the operational effectiveness and hearing protection required for the mounted infantryman.
11C10-OSUT (ST), Phase 1; Indirect Fire Infantryman
The tragic case of Aaron Black, the Scottish infantryman who struggled to cope with life on civvy street after returning from Afghanistan, is part of the hidden harvest we reap from war.
Army and the groom-to-be is an Army infantryman, currently stationed in Iraq.
It is my opinion the 2nd Amendment demands citizens have and be familiar with the arms of a combat infantryman.
One resident, 90-year-old former Highland Light Infantryman Chris Carter, 90, is one of the four original residents who moved in as soon as the scheme was completed.
Borough mayor Julie Jackson accepted a cheque for pounds 500 from the Nuneaton-based Heart of England Co-operative Society towards a new infantryman figure.
Brigadier Iain Cholerton, commander of 160 (Wales) Brigade, who oversaw the project, said, 'This statue is a fitting tribute to the courage and fighting qualities of the British infantryman and it is highly appropriate at a time when they are engaged in action in a number of conflicts around the world.