infant prodigy

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a prodigy whose talents are recognized at an early age

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The Infant Prodigy is a circus star and singer of "Tragic songs" with an insatiable appetite for "sweeties.
Morghim, foaled unusually late coming into the world the day before the 2003 Derby, turned into an infant prodigy when making a winning debut.
At last I can reveal why Sir Arthur Sullivan was almost in Mozart's class as an infant prodigy among composers.
Both a sickly child and a brilliant infant prodigy, performing in public at a very early age, his life was a succession of teachers and recitals.
Yet it is as an international multiaward winning director on which his reputation really rests, rather than an infant prodigy who is the living embodiment of the benefits of a family brought up on spam.
The chronicle of events discloses that Millais was born under a lucky star, As importantly, he was born of extraordinarily caring parents, who, recognising their infant prodigy for what he was, adapted every method and adopted every sacrifice to promote his artistic genius.
An infant prodigy, Bancroft was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, and was educated at home and abroad.
William Hague, former Tory leader and quondam youthful political infant prodigy, has written his biography of the youngest-ever prime minister in William Pitt the Younger:.
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