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The council, he explains, made a crucial contribution by narrowing down the understanding of papal infallibility as well as the conditions for its exercise: "It is therefore a distortion to say that the definition was enacted because the Pope rail-roaded it through a resistant Council.
This led Kung to say that he would take up the debate on infallibility once again, but in the spirit of collaboration, collegiality, and freedom that Francis has made possible.
Similarly he says (supported only by a footnote reference) that "the clamour and the need for infallibility fulfilled purposes far removed from the dogmas of the church" (125).
Another essay, by Dominik Burkard, shows how John Henry Newman's thought--Newman referred to conscience as the "authoritative oracle"--intersected with Acton's and compares and contrasts how the two men, animated by similar ideas, dealt with the challenge posed by the First Vatican Council and papal infallibility.
Where there is no infallibility, there can be nothing certain, as the Church of England wisely intimates, except, of course, the obligation of doubting.
The obligation of the whole body of the faithful to give their definitive assent to what is taught definitively by the magisterium, along with the inability of their whole body to err in matters of faith and morals, explains why the pope and college of bishops are given the divine gift of infallibility in their definitive teaching on matters of faith or morals.
Though papal infallibility was only set in stone in 1870, the idea had long been part of Church history and debate, and the notion of the Bishop of Rome as a preserver of apostolic truth was first mooted in the sixth century.
Dalglish seems to be blessed with the footballing version of Papal Infallibility but surely even his most devout worshippers must admit he got that one wrong.
Today, when the battle for independence is behind us, when the great ideological differences got melted, in order to come out from that magic circle, I will be the one to reach out my hand for reconciliation and forgiveness to all those, who perhaps, unaware, unintentionally or because of various reason considers themselves as forced or blindly believed in the infallibility of their superiors and the rightness of their actions and as a result undermined the unity, will and power of the nation in building their own country," Dimitrova writes.
I guess you need strong faith to believe that this is actually happening in our denomination--rejecting the authority and infallibility of the scriptures is the beginning of the fall of our denomination into oblivion.
He affirms a commitment to the inspiration and infallibility of the Bible, the reality of miracles, and the existence of a literal Adam and Eve in a garden until the advent of original sin.
He writes: "To insist on an inerrant Bible in a naive sense, which denies the full humanity of Scripture, will only paint the evangelical church and Christian scholarship into a corner--the same corner in which the Catholic Church now stands because of its claim to ecclesial infallibility.
1870: The Dogma of Papal Infallibility in matters of faith and morals was proclaimed by the Vatican Council.
The Rise and Fall of the Bible comes from a religion scholar and former evangelical Christian who questions the Bible's infallibility, and who makes a case for the fact that there "is no such thing as the Bible--and never has been".
The era of the teacher's infallibility and the students' lack of enough knowledge is over," she said.