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Synonyms for inexplicit

liable to more than one interpretation

Synonyms for inexplicit

implied though not directly expressed


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US Israel lobby stalwart, Dennis Ross, who effectively promoted Israeli, not American interests during the ClintonAa and Bush Administrations, (now inexplicitly assigned to the Iran file), hypes a supposed threat of Israeli annihilation from a nuclear-armed Iran.
LIBERAL Democrat leader Nick Clegg, who recently bragged that he had slept with "no more than 30 women" has been keeping his head down since inexplicitly feeling the need to inform us on that score.
Rand, inexplicitly, suggests he was inspired by his own studies with two scions of 20th-century theatre, Stella Adler and Harold Clurman, and wanted to record what he feels is a "vital tradition.
Since participlehood is inexplicitly equated with the state of being able to receive inflection via the intermediary of the copula, Kornfilt's account fails to explain whether suspended affixation is a matter of: (i) omitting those morphemes that actually attach to the copula rather than to the verb stem, or (ii) leaving morphological material in the nonfinal conjunct that is potentially a complete form.
In my naivete I was astonished to learn that Kiarostami's Ten is also banned in Iran, presumably because it shows a woman whose marriage has recently broken up achieving self-definition, a process subtly and inexplicitly charted step by step through the film's ten sequences, in her encounters with her child, with friends, with a happy prostitute who apparently enjoys controlling any situations she might find herself in.
First, for Garber interdisciplinary studies have all along been speaking about human nature directly but inexplicitly.
This also refers inexplicitly to the importance of face-to-face encounters to reach agreement or organise concrete actions.
This has created an awareness that in spite of the efforts of WINZ and the public funded matching service of the Auckland Regional Chamber of Commerce, there are still suitably qualified and English well spoken migrants inexplicitly out of work, when many employers are desperate for staff.
Inexplicitly, for stretches of time the listserv is quiet, as if all subscribers are on vacation.
Identity formation, so crucial in feminist theorising, and offered as a supplementary part of Giddens' notion of "life politics", naively, crudely and inexplicitly excludes economy.
The ambiguity of the locus of conscience persists today, albeit inexplicitly, and it still relates to the question of whether "conscience" can provide anything other than a subjective moral standard.
A discourse of words rather than terms, undefined, and undefinable, in experientially composed language (as, "the experience speaking," rather than--timbrally--"the writer speaking about the experience") might seem to have, at least as its self-propaganda, a more effectively anti-theater output, by virtue of being inexplicitly specific, non-paraphrasable, and undefinable, thus disenabling transference in the shape of a dramatic form onto its signified phenomena.
I note that Benjamin declares that his comments are saturated with theology, if necessarily inexplicitly, and that Wittgenstein advised a student to read Philosophical Investigations from a religious point of view.
Let me begin by introducing what Danto has to say against Goodman, which, in effect, rests, inexplicitly, on the central theme of his own theory.
In titling this essay as I have done, I call up the strange kinship of these texts through an allusion to a 1931 novel by Blair Niles, Strange Brother, often listed as one of the few homosexual novels of the early twentieth century, and I will have a word or two to say about the inexplicitly gay project of The Professor's House (1925) and Niles' programmatic work.