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Synonyms for inexplicit

liable to more than one interpretation

Synonyms for inexplicit

implied though not directly expressed


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The signs and symbols of governing institutions are ideologically marked because they inexplicitly advance the world view of the institutions.
However, this year, where we have questioned the Board's actions and have provided notice of nominating directors and proposing Bylaw amendments, the Annual Meeting Date has inexplicitly been delayed to October 31, 2006, and the Bylaws have been amended to provide for such date.
This also refers inexplicitly to the importance of face-to-face encounters to reach agreement or organise concrete actions.
Identity formation, so crucial in feminist theorising, and offered as a supplementary part of Giddens' notion of "life politics", naively, crudely and inexplicitly excludes economy.
The ambiguity of the locus of conscience persists today, albeit inexplicitly, and it still relates to the question of whether "conscience" can provide anything other than a subjective moral standard.
I note that Benjamin declares that his comments are saturated with theology, if necessarily inexplicitly, and that Wittgenstein advised a student to read Philosophical Investigations from a religious point of view.
A universally quantified conditional is termed inexplicitly quantified when it has the same sense as such explicitly quantified conditionals but no explicit quantifying language is used, as in "If I eat breakfast, I don't eat lunch" and "If there is a triangle on the card, then it is colored red.
It is evidently an empirical question as to whether explicitly and inexplicitly quantified conditionals and the various possible wordings available within each type are understood and processed in the same way.
Johnson-Laird and Byrne (1991) think that conditional evaluation tasks give a direct index of the meaning of inexplicitly quantified conditionals by providing subjects' truth table interpretations.
Advocates of the approaches of Overton (1990) and Johnson-Laird and Byrne (1991) would conclude that the simulations of inexplicitly quantified conditionals offered here do not simulate the meanings of such conditionals as they understand them.
VegaStream is a welcome partner to the debate and development programs sponsored by SIPfoundry and we look forward to their continued contributions as the market moves inexplicitly toward open sources based applications and technologies.
Inexplicitly, during the interview on the show's finale she changed her story, saying that since joining the show she had been demoted to janitor.