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in a crude and unskilled manner

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Yet the most high-profile early critique by a professional historian found that the problem with Akunin's volume on early Russian history up to the Mongol Conquest was not so much a surfeit of novelistic imagination as the habit of literal-minded reading of a narrow and inexpertly chosen set of sources.
Experimentation has played an important role in Migliori's photographic development since the day a liquid poured inexpertly onto the photograph yielded unexpected results.
Instead of a prolonged reflection on her struggles as a young housewife of the 1950s who put her studies on hold for marriage, Janzen writes of her younger self at the cookstove, inexpertly boiling a heart, the cheapest cut of meat at twenty-nine cents a pound, "while the little chartreuse radio played classical music all day" (31).
In spite of my advice and the offerings, those involved in the health tourism and medical tourism 'initiatives' on the island persist on spending time and money on schemes and plans superficially and inexpertly formulated by individuals who do not have the appropriate pedigree and credentials -- and consequently do not have a deep understanding of what is involved.
He wants to consider the Qur'an as being in honest conversation with the biblical tradition rather than as simply drawing inexpertly from it--a conversation in which it has its own voice and point of view.
He claimed he'd taken only some rings, a necklace, and what he inexpertly judged to be "costume jewellery" which he sold for less than PS100.
The violence ranges from the brutal to the balletic and there is a moment of sublime idiocy when Russell and another criminal inexpertly try to torch a stolen car.
This is not a film about a sophisticated spy able to smoothly bluff her way out of danger, but of an outwardly ordinary woman, inexpertly juggling her loyalty to family and the cause she has been raised to believe in with her desperation to avoid losing her son or her life at the hands of a particularly twitchy and ruthless IRA officer.
When you're 13 and ripping your wee ankles to shreds with an inexpertly wielded ladyblade, no one says: "You don't have to do that.
For in virtually all instances, given the inherently indiscriminate nature of Antonov "bombers" and inexpertly piloted jet aircraft, these attacks are war crimes, and collectively given their massive destruction of civilian lives and livelihoods crimes against humanity.
All of this is backstory somewhat inexpertly revealed in a searching monologue just preceding the main action of the play.
On the other hand, if financial planning is incidental to your business and done only occasionally and tactically, then this might be a function you outsource rather than attempt to do inexpertly.
This means too much of the 'bulking' ingredients have been added and the mixture has been inexpertly blended.
Fisher similarly explores the idea of Double Effect, but inexpertly, and the essays in a key book such as The Doctrine of Double Effect (edited by P.