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Synonyms for inexpedient

not suitable or advisable

not appropriate to the purpose


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In certain (fortunately isolated) cases, these fears have been reinforced by inexpedient action steps on the part of the Greek Cypriot side.
Emmeline's shaped by and the radical that had gone The exclusion of women from voting was 'unjust in principle and inexpedient in practice', read her motion, adding: "This meeting is of the opinion that the right of voting should be granted to them on the same terms as it is or may be granted to men.
That is, in normal conditions, the <<insulator--normal pin>> assembly does not withstand more than 3 kN, so the use of insulators with a larger destructive load on the intermediate supports is economically inexpedient and can lead to the fall of the support itself, additional costs and time to rebuild the support.
This would also drastically reduce the cost per transaction, making a more efficient, modern, peaceful, real time trading market," said Barden, adding that however, use of bitcoin is also inexpedient for Iran.
When Pro-Tempore Jallah was contacted via mobile phone, he confirms that the GAC is investigating the matter, so it is inexpedient for him to comment, while probe is ongoing.
Clean and sustainable energy sources are steadily making the continued usage of coal not only an obsolete choice, but also an inexpedient one,' said Rivera.
He described the latter secession in light of the former, considering them discrete parts of a larger whole: "The Southern states are moving so decidedly in favor of secession, that it will be deemed inexpedient, to attempt subjugation, doubtless.
While all of the other department heads advised Jackson to sign the bill, the attorney general developed a lengthy argument for a veto on the grounds that the Bank was inexpedient and unconstitutional.
075 is inexpedient for the conditions of electric contact surfacing by compact material with reduce of 0.
In view of its historic origins, and emotional connotations, such a use of the term "monopolist" is highly inexpedient, and should be rejected.
It is used in place of voice calls in circumstances where it may be impossible or inexpedient.
When the prospect of interstate war was the most important issue in world affairs, dual citizenship would have been not only inexpedient but also unjust.
In the conditions of threat to the national security of the country, it is inexpedient to speak about transition from the
The "moral struggle is continuous with the struggle for existence," he maintains, "and no sharp break divides the unjust from the imprudent, the evil from the inexpedient.
T HE BCCI is yet to realise that blinkered views of life generally lead to inexpedient actions.