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Synonyms for inexactitude

the quality of being inaccurate and having errors

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The reporting inexactitude has been the bane of our economic growth.
I submit that analysis paralysis is likewise an instance of terminological inexactitude, making it difficult to distinguish between the various conditions that fall under the umbrella of this label.
It looks just a little more mathematical and regular than it is; its exactitude is obvious, but its inexactitude is hidden; its wildness lies in wait.
At the very most, we're guilty of nothing more than terminological inexactitude, as Winston Churchill so eloquently put it.
09) is a master class in the dissection of political financial chicanery and terminological inexactitude.
explaining how its appearance on, inter alia, the Dieppe maps of the 1530s-60s, is not evidence of Portuguese discovery of Australia, but rather an artifact of the sixteenth-century's struggle to bridge the gap from the former Ptolemaic world-view paradigm to a new paradigm that could take into account the new discoveries of the Age of Exploration while allowing for the inexactitude of contemporary measurement of longitude.
A degree of terminological inexactitude creeps in: religious inclination and religious doctrine are seen as synonyms (41); romanticism is sometimes a movement (4, 30), sometimes the entire literature of the early nineteenth century (2), and sometimes the age itself (14, 16, 36).
The inexactitude of sanitary habits suggests that people have lost touch with the science behind their behaviors.
The inexactitude of this science was demonstrated by a Michigan State University radiology researcher, Dr.
You could pirouette around the space and check off the colors, but at a certain point the inexactitude of a hue, its awkward fit on the color wheel, would bring you up short--or, perhaps, the sheer magic of these gorgeous tones, suspended in the slathered pigment to the point where they almost seem translucent, just made you stop color-checking and want to start licking.
The architects responded to this unedifying inexactitude by designing an utterly simple glazed rectangular box, with a stair tower pulled clear of the main volume on the north side.
Republicans cried foul, and McClintock, citing parliamentary protocols that prohibit the use of the word ``lie'' in debate, evoked Churchill by calling the proposal a ``terminological inexactitude.
I hesitate to use the word lie, but it is certainly a terminological inexactitude.
Inexactitude in word choice also can bring readers up short.
The first and third chapters lack the thoughtful and thorough research of the middle chapter, and their reliance on secondary sources, the acknowledged random search method employed, and the brief foray into what is chronologically the largest block of centuries, leave the reader with an impression of inexactitude and of potential lacunae.