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not liable to error

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Fowles does not deny the veracity of her conclusion, but only laughs and suggests she must think him "a crazy old pagan," implicitly acknowledging that his methods and conclusions can only seem blasphemous from the perspective of the inerrantist tradition in which she has been nurtured (PB, 248).
Warfield, perhaps the foremost biblical inerrantist of his time, nevertheless praised Green for showing "that it is precarious in the extreme to draw chronological inferences from [the biblical] genealogies.
Whidden, "Sola Scriptura, Inerrantist Fundamentalism, and the Wesleyan Quadrilateral: Is 'No Creed but the Bible' a Workable Solution?
Paige Patterson, then president of the Criswell Center for Biblical Studies, and Paul Pressler, an appeals court judge from Houston, led a movement to gain control of the SBC and steer its agencies toward an inerrantist position.
Howard Osgood was next and represented a conservative style of inerrantist Old Testament scholarship from (but uncharacteristic of) Rochester Theological Seminary.
Regarding innerrantists, he observes how ironic it is for them to insist on inerrancy as the basis for correct theology, "when in fact inerrantists are divided over every conceivable doctrine" (p.