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not able to be destroyed or rooted out

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As his curate, his comrade, all would be right: I would cross oceans with him in that capacity; toil under Eastern suns, in Asian deserts with him in that office; admire and emulate his courage and devotion and vigour; accommodate quietly to his masterhood; smile undisturbed at his ineradicable ambition; discriminate the Christian from the man: profoundly esteem the one, and freely forgive the other.
But if in this she was a comedienne then it was but a great achievement of her ineradicable honesty.
Her abominable experience with the governess had implanted in her unlucky breast a lasting doubt, an ineradicable suspicion of herself and of others.
My suspicion and even dread of the feminist and his Egeria was so ineradicable that I could not help asking with real anxiety, which I made smiling--
It signals the ultimate triumph of the European ineradicable xenophobia.
I believe that would be a disastrous mistake that would lead to permanent and ineradicable feelings of betrayal.
I believe that would be a disastrous mistake that would lead to ineradicable feelings of betrayal.
In this invisible reverse-mentoring relationship, a few have made an ineradicable mark without knowing it is happening.
The deep wounds inflicted on the national psyche on April 4, 1979, and Dec 27, 2007 are ineradicable, and at least in the latter case the pain remains palpable.
On the other hand, by virtue of his transcendence of the bodily, man possesses an ineradicable reference to totality, a desire for Being.
Still, my main reason for "optimism" is America's tradition of liberty, its ineradicable pluralism -- and (to sound a populist note) the American people.
In what appears to be the newest addition to the current and ineradicable mission to vulgarize our entire worldwhich, at the moment, seems to be increasingly headed towards an endgame of insanity, self-destruction, and internal combustionMichael Bay, the director of big-budget, money-spinning art crimes like Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, and Transformers 1, 2, 3, and 4, has chosen to bedeck Winston Churchill's former home of Blenheim Palace with swastika flags and other decorative SS paraphernalia.
In the main, "democracy muddles through war and revolutionary change, its confusions ineradicable and its progress inexorable.
But whenever they are pushed back, Im afraid Daesh leave an ineradicable scar on those communities: torture, massacre, rape, mass enslavement of minorities.
Their painstaking composition betrays the persistence, if not of hope, of an ineradicable need to create.