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not changing shape or bending

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not elastic

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There is an infinitely-lived representative household that inelastically supply one unit of labor each period and values a single consumption good c by the utility function:
ii) Deep inelastic scattering (DIS), which uses an elementary probe (electron or neutrino) that inelastically scatters off the "proton" (actually elastically off partons).
Within the polymer film, the laser light is scattered--elastically (Raleigh) and inelastically (Raman)--due to the interaction of the laser beam with the molecules of the sample.
Each individual inelastically supplies one unit of labor in each period.
The second, third, and fourth age groups inelastically supply one unit of their time.
Rayleigh (elastic) scattering, a part is absorbed and a remained tiny fraction, important for origin of the spectra, is inelastically scattered.
1) See Cohen and Coughlin (2005) for an exposition of the optimal taxation of land, which they assume is also perfectly inelastically supplied.
for inelastically demanded goods, where the demand curve is fairly flat,
A Raman spectroscopy system similar to IR uses a laser beam that energetically excites the molecules in the sample but measures the difference in the inelastically scattered light caused by the molecular vibrations to that of the laser incoming light (30).
An example is abrupt and large increases in the prices of products that are widely used and inelastically demanded.
Each skilled worker as well as unskilled worker inelastically supplies one unit of her labor force to competitive firms.
After having received education, each individual inelastically supplies one unit of labor, either at home or abroad.
The state of demand, not supply, will largely determine which happens to prices in the most inelastically supplied markets.
The other big result is that if something is inelastically supplied, then you should tax the hell out of it.