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not changing shape or bending

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not elastic

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While complete analysis of fully inelastic behavior is still difficult to achieve by analytical methods, use of a computational method is a powerful tool for obtaining the indentation field when boundary conditions and natural time must be considered simultaneously.
The initial elastic response is followed by inelastic flow at a progressively decreasing rate for low values of creep stress (usually termed primary and secondary creep in the metals literature).
For a clearer picture, the joint ORNL-UT team used an advanced X-ray technique known as inelastic X-ray scattering to determine molecular movement.
Luxury products tend to be very inelastic, according to Kosutic, meaning that despite the price increases, demand will not change too heavily.
Al-Mutairi and Eltony (1995) have examined the price and income elasticity of energy demand in Kuwait and found that energy demand is price inelastic in the short-run and income elastic in the long-run.
The loading capacity of these structures is closely related to the overall and local stability of thin-walled members, leading to the investigation of the elastic and inelastic buckling analysis of these members.
In these pages last winter, Kevin Callison and Robert Kaestner presented evidence that cigarette taxes have become so high and smokers are now such a small percentage of the population that current consumption is price inelastic ("Cigarette Taxes and Smoking," Winter 2014-2015).
2]to be higher for property than for terrorism and to find the demand for terrorism insurance to be more price inelastic for reasons we explained in the Introduction that reviews the literature and our hypotheses.
In a formal commentary submitted on July 27, 2015 regarding federal mandates for the use of biofuels, ACI said the proposed volumes for the coming years "would continue to divert large quantities of a finite inelastic supply of animal fats to the biofuels market, thereby critically disadvantaging the domestic oleochemical industry.
In the case of polycarbonate, it can be argued that for much of the business, including the commodity end, demand is inelastic.
Peyronie's disease is characterized by the presence of inelastic collagen on the shaft of the penis, which can cause the penis to curve during erection and may make sexual intercourse difficult or impossible in advanced cases.
EL] while the steeper and more inelastic aggregate demand is [AD.
The topics include general problems in solid mechanics and nonlinearity, inelastic and nonlinear materials, material constitution using representative volume elements, differential geometry and calculus on manifolds, and computer procedures for finite element analysis.
With increasing population, consumption increases,, man to land ratio reduces, land being inelastic can`t fulfill the increasing demands.