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Synonyms for inefficient

Synonyms for inefficient

lacking the qualities, as efficiency or skill, required to produce desired results

not having the desired effect

Synonyms for inefficient

not producing desired results

lacking the ability or skill to perform effectively


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A transition away from inefficient incandescent lamps to more efficient lighting would save Chile an estimated $486.
Of this time, an average of 40 minutes (43 percent) is wasted due to inefficient communications.
Unbelievably, I think, they are seen as inefficient peasant farmers - and it is no coincidence that the slow food movement was founded in Italy.
Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA) is currently conducting a massive educational campaign, which will increase the awareness of how inefficient units add on to household and industrial costs.
The sluggish justice system does not provide legal protection for the business sector and the inefficient administration is a problem too.
Among the issues on which he backtracked are plans for a VAT and health contribution hike, closure of inefficient hospitals and an increase in the retirement age.
SNIPEF Director Robert Burgon said, "By introducing a boiler scrappage scheme in Scotland it will mean the Scottish Government will have a great opportunity not only to help with fuel poverty by reducing the large number of inefficient boilers which exist, but also to help to reduce Scotland's carbon footprint.
Wind turbines are unreliable, inefficient and will not reduce by one megawatt the capacity of the conventional power stations that cannot be turned on and off like a microwave.
Edward Leigh, Commons public accounts chairman, said: "It has been inefficient and wasted public funds.
The NHS is a unique organisation but its bureaucracy makes it inefficient, and the responsibility for that lies firmly at the Government's door,'' he claimed.
Government, we have been told for decades, is inherently inefficient, restrictive and impersonal.
ROBERTA Owen appears to think when talking about "wind farms" that inefficient and ineffective are not the same.
They are angry because they say rescue efforts are slow and inefficient," a security official told AFP.
Government is considering opening up farming to greater foreign investment and closing inefficient cooperatives, reports AFP (April 10, 2008).
Converting grains to meat is inherently inefficient, reducing the amount of calories and protein available for the world's poor and hungry.