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Synonyms for inebriate

Synonyms for inebriate

make drunk (with alcoholic drinks)

become drunk or drink excessively

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According to John Sheehan, vice president of BayCare Behavioral Health, "Our initial goal with the VIP program is to prevent and reduce homelessness by addressing the needs of veterans and inebriates through an integrated system of care.
Through the meticulous analysis of such words as dipsomania, inebriety, and alcoholism, Tracy discusses social and legal changes that moved drunkards out of jails and mental institutions and into private and state-supported facilities devoted to the curing of inebriates.
Joseph Edward Turner, was possessed with the idea of building an asylum for inebriates.
They may have to explain repeatedly to the inebriate what a sober person could comprehend on the first try.
In short, officers who treat an obnoxious, smelly inebriate with patience now may be avoiding a fight--or worse--later.
Whereas a one-on-one physical confrontation may result in injury, the presence of additional officers may mean that even a violently resisting inebriate can be subdued without serious harm to anyone.
The inebriate subsequently produces a handgun and kills both troopers before escaping.
The court ruled that the law against drunken driving is intended to protect the public against inebriates behind the wheel, no matter what propels their cars.
If they seriously want to tackle drink-fuelled anti-social behaviour, they could use existing legislation such as the Inebriates Act to tackle those responsible.
Only attraction is from late-bars by the score, Earning dubious income from inebriates galore.
The municipality subleases from the state and operates space connected to the jail for the intake of public inebriates.
Since a marriage license witnesses to the informed consent of both partners, children, inebriates and animals do not qualify.