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The Company will utilize the facility to operate multiple programs, including the Public Inebriant Alternative program for the Tulsa County Criminal Justice Authority.
Clearly, it is popular (albeit largely illegal), employed primarily as a social inebriant and euphoriant.
The point in time when the plant was discovered as a recreational inebriant in the United States is unclear; however, it does seem that this change has been gradual and recent.
Cannabis sativa is usually called "hemp" when used as a source of fiber, "hempseed" when used as a source of seed oil, and "marijuana" (more commonly spelled "marihuana" in the past) when used for euphoric inebriants and therapeutic drugs.
tea, coffee, cocoa, and cola) and inebriants or intoxicants in many cultures since ancient times, and this trend continues till today.
When evaluating how society treats inebriants, science and reason should be the standards by which we create policy, not ancient religious texts.