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an economic system built on large industries rather than on agriculture or craftsmanship

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That campaign is the quest to build a New Industrialism - an approach to economic policy that respects the power of the private sector but isn't afraid of an activist government.
You see in the background a river with industrialization on one side and nature on the other side being bridged by the O'Sullivan's cushioned heel; a way for people to cross over the dividing waters to a healthier life than offered by industrialism.
The USGBC began awarding the Radical Industrialism Award in 2013 in honor of Ray Anderson, the late founder and chairman of sustainable-minded carpet manufacturer, Interface, Inc.
As he affirmed in one of his favorite passages from I'll Take My Stand, a passage he often quoted himself "This much is clear: If a community, or a race, or an age, is groaning under industrialism, and well aware that it is an evil dispensation, it must find a way to throw it off.
Similarly, in addition to Ransom and Tate's New Criticism (celebrated by some, scorned by others, but to be sure a major achievement in American letters), their social theorizing was well-developed and central to their movement, with the group envisioning a turn from industrialism and laissez-faire financial capitalism in American society, to a return to an idyllic, pastoral, rural ideal.
The agricultural societies industrialism replaced knew their share of poverty and degradation, though Marx does not acknowledge the fact in his graphic descriptions, in Das Kapital, of working conditions in the factories of the first half of the 19th century.
Just think, if they hadn't wasted so much money creating non-jobs for thousands of people, our Labour-controlled council could have used that money to encourage long-term private-sector investment to the area, re-igniting the flame of north-east industrialism and bringing employment back to the town.
Well, to my mind the first is minimalism and the other is industrialism.
The topics include the ecological industrialism bet, building an ontological model for software requirements engineering analyzing enterprise system post-implementation use of manufacturing processes in small and medium Greek companies, a new methodology for business process improvement, methods for assessing the quality of enterprise voice-over-internet-protocol communications, social networks' location-based services, and an approach to constructing software solutions based on information systems architecture principles.
In its seven large panels, here brought together and displayed in a single unifying thick dark frame, Pushwagner (real name: Terje Brofos) has assembled a Bruegelesque mise-en-scene of urbanism, industrialism, and war.
We think we've gotten past Corbusier-style industrialism, jettisoning sameness for all time, but this is a fallacy.
Anderson gave more than 1,500 talks on eco issues and published two books about his radical industrialism.
Any student of architectural design will know that Art-Deco style emphasises the modern industrialism of the time, employing only man-made materials: concrete, brick, metal, glass, and plastics.
The modern democracy not only has nothing to do with Hellenic worldview, but also was determined by two contrasting but powerful forces, one of them was the Cromwell's revolution and the industrialism that collaborated to create an atmosphere of free choice.
Our choice is between industrialism and de-industrialization.