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In this role, Chicles will be responsible for executing the strategic and operating plans of ITT s Industrial Process business, a global manufacturer of industrial pumps and valves for the oil and gas, chemical, mining and industrial markets.
Seeq is founded on the premise that companies need better solutions for deriving business insight from their industrial process data," said Sliwa.
Johnson said the site serves as an Industrial Process Equipment Guide for manufacturing companies serving or producing products for numerous industries such as medical, power generation, military & government, chemical, general industrial, petrochemical, scientific & laboratory, R & D, machining, food & beverage, automotive, aerospace, pipeline, energy & alternative energy, engineering, life sciences, heavy industry, heating & cooling (HVAC) and other applications at http://www.
a company that develops, markets, and supports software tools to computerize the industrial process and achieve seamless transition from design to production.
Provides key data and concise analyses, presents a comparative analysis on the development of industrial process control equipment industry in 31 provincial regions and 20 major cities in visualized form of data map.
Process Automation President Sal Provanzano noted, "Metra's software product extends Computer Products' ability to offer open systems solutions to the next level of interoperability and further demonstrates our commitment to supply open architecture products to the industrial process and utilities market.
This report introduces macro-environment conditions and characteristics of the Chinese Industrial Process On-line Monitoring Analyzer industry, then gives a detailed analysis of 2010-2013 overall and subdivision market conditions of Chinese Industrial On-line Monitoring Analyzer, and finishes with strategic advice for foreign Industrial Process On-line Monitoring Analyzer manufacturers.
headquartered in Houston, is a leading supplier of fluid measurement and pressure control products for the petroleum, industrial process and electric power generation industries.
The acquisition of Industrial Process Machinery by Siemens Water Technologies is a testament that deals can be facilitated during times of extremely challenging market conditions," said Paul Bodet, vice president at McGladrey Capital Markets' Technology Group.
com/reports/c53385) has announced the addition of Instruments and Related Products Manufacturing for Measuring, Displaying, and Controlling Industrial Process Variables Industry in the U.
The company pioneered the use of specialized resins that are capable of filtering and recovering contaminants such as fuels or solvents resulting from underground storage tank leaks or industrial process wastes.
com/reports/c43568) has announced the addition of Biological Wastewater Treatment: Fundamentals, Microbiology, Industrial Process Integration to their offering.
This is the first time commercial levels of electrical current have been successfully achieved in long lengths (over 300 feet) by a low cost industrial process, making possible the emergence of this technology from the laboratory into the marketplace.
Like the single AD8661, the AD8662 (dual) and AD8664 (quad) op amps offer the industry's highest precision at 100uV voltage offset specified at 5V and 16V, and low input bias and rail to rail output, making them ideal for applications that require high levels of DC accuracy, such as industrial process control, motor control, medical instrumentation, and automotive sensors.
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