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a membrane enclosing and protecting the developing spores especially that covering the sori of a fern

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A popular theory in neuroscience literature, proposed first by David Chamberlain (1) and later by Michael Persinger, (2) is that the indusium griseum plays a functional role in the developing fetus; it is viewed primarily as the embryonic equivalent of the adult hippocampus and secondarily as the sensory homunculus of the fetus.
The indusium is continuous, with an undulated margin and their cells show a polygonal pattern with regularly thickened walls.
Indusium absent; stem diameter 1-4 mm; rachis winged throughout 2.
The morphological study of the sporophyte was based on foliar architecture, indument, epidermal patterns of pinnulae and indusium, spore size (mean values between 28.
Through the drafting, criticism, and revision of Hugh's letter, Holcroft offers a pointed attack on this kind of discourse in which classical learning is seen as mere indusium for present ends, and the whole frame of debate is seen as unnecessarily complicated and exclusive of common sense and plain speech.
Larger pinnae mostly more than 5cm long; rhizome robust: indusium covering top of sorus: Dryopteris
The originally undifferentiated filaments become entrapped in a cup-shaped indusium which triggers their differentiation into akinetes.