induction of labor

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(obstetrics) inducing the childbirth process artificially by administering oxytocin or by puncturing the amniotic sac

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Currently, there is physician controversy over what constitutes an effective, safe dose practice of oxytocin administration for the induction of labor (Simpson, 2004).
The randomized, double-blind, multi-center study tested three doses of the MVI in 374 women undergoing cervical ripening and induction of labor at 11 sites across the U.
Other agencies have taken a different approach to elective induction; the AHRQ has stated that "the evidence regarding elective induction of labor prior to 41 weeks of gestation is insufficient to draw any conclusion" (8)
Reasons for such off-label use during pregnancy include: inhibition of premature labor, reduction of fetal or neonatal infection, reduction in development of pre-eclampsia and its complications, and ripening of the cervix or induction of labor.
not medically appropriate) for pregnant women "because it can cause abortion" and reemphasizes that "Cytotec is not approved for the induction of labor and abortion.
Searle Corporation, issued a statement indicating that Cytotec is not approved for the induction of labor or abortion and that serious adverse effects had been reported following the off-label use of Cytotec in pregnant women.
SAN DIEGO--The risk of C-section doubled in women undergoing induction of labor who received an epidural before 4-cm dilation, compared with later epidural administration, a retrospective study found.
The company developed and manufactures Cervidil(R)/Propess(R), used in the obstetrics field for cervical ripening in the induction of labor.
What is interesting is that the authors of the current study reach a conclusion that natural birth advocates have been saying for years: induction of labor increases the risk of uterine rupture for women planning VBACS.
CASE FACTS: On December 23, 1993, Claudette Milton arrived at Episcopal Hospital for induction of labor.
Early induction of labor and elective cesareans are two good places to begin a shift toward safer childbirth.
Steering clear of an elective induction of labor also helped avoid higher rates of Caesarean births.
Searle has become aware of some instances where Cytotec, outside of its approved indication, was used as a cervical ripening agent prior to termination of pregnancy, or for induction of labor, in spite of the specific contraindications to its use during pregnancy.
The induction of labor and delivery were handled by nurse-midwives.
The company developed and manufactures Cervidil[R]/Propess[R], used in the obstetrics field for cervical ripening in the induction of labor.