induction of labor

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(obstetrics) inducing the childbirth process artificially by administering oxytocin or by puncturing the amniotic sac

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It has been noticed in routine as well as through literature that PGE2 is a more effective method for induction of labor and has benefits in terms of early spontaneous delivery without compromising the health of fetus and mother.
Patients weredivided in two equal groups of 111 each: induction of labor (group A), expectant management (group B) as per operational definition.
Finally, 200 women in their third trimester of pregnancy with obstetric or medical indications for the induction of labor were enrolled for randomization in this study.
Outpatient misoprostol cervical ripening without subsequent induction of labor to prevent post-term pregnancy.
KEY WORDS: Misoprostol, dinoprostone, Foley's catheter, cervical ripening, induction of labor, Bishop's score
Induction of labor is therefore an acceptable tool when a woman is either going past term or is presenting with a problem during her pregnancy, even if it is not a severe medical illness.
Sexual intercourse for cervical ripening and induction of labor.
According to the National Vital Statistics Report from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), induction of labor in the United States (U.
They include the plaintiff attorney's case summary, complaint, opening statement, and closing argument; depositions from plaintiff and defense expert witnesses; verdict information; TRIAL articles and ATLA Education speaker papers; national guidelines pertaining to fetal distress, induction of labor, C-sections, and preeclampsia; secondary sources, such as Internet resources, a medical glossary of terms, and an abbreviated medical journa survey; and medical illustrations from Medical Legal Art: The Doe Report, an ATLA Extras company.
Obstetric "conveniences": elective induction of labor, cesarean birth on demand, and other potentially unnecessary interventions.
Cytotec[R] is a category X (contraindicated for pregnancy) El prostaglandin in tablet form that can be administered orally or vaginally for the induction of labor.
A 32-year-old primigravida was admitted at 40 weeks' gestation for induction of labor following amniorrhexis.
Against this backdrop, and with an FDA ruling on the marketing application of RU486 scheduled by September 30, Searle has issued a physician alert under the heading "Important Drug Warning Concerning Unapproved Use of Intravaginal or Oral Misoprostol in Pregnant Women for Induction of Labor or Abortion.