induction heating

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the heating of a conducting material caused by an electric current induced in it

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The analysis of the flat surfaces heating is an actual task for the further determination of the induction heating tools optimal parameters.
Ambrell, a privately-held company based in Scottsville, New York, is a provider of precision induction heating systems under 500kw power.
Today, Induction Innovations sells both induction heating equipment (Inductor Series) and handheld devices (Mini-Ductor[R]), all over the world.
Esteve, " State-of-the art and future trends in transistorised inverters for induction heating applications," in Proceedings of the Fifth IEEE International Caracas Conference on Devices, Circuits and Systems, 2004.
Advantages of induction heating include the following:
A company that produces induction heating installations is required to find an easy and quick solution to solve the problem of lengthwise uniform heating for the non-ferrous bars.
The extensive application of induction heating for these applications has been delayed by the high consumption of electric energy.
Parallel to this acquisition, RocTool has been working on its own internal induction heating technology it is calling 3iTech--Integrated Internal Induction Technologies--which was due to be unveiled recently in a demonstration at its headquarters in France.
It reduces energy use by coupling induction heating as the thermal source when needed, which boosts operational efficiencies to 80%.
EFD Induction is Europe's largest, and the world's second largest, supplier of induction heating equipment, systems and services for industrial applications.
The patented induction heating technology from RHS has applications throughout the oil and gas industry, in power plants and in petrochemical and iron and steel facilities for heating requirements up to 815 deg C including PWHT pre-heat shrink fitting.
This innovative induction heating coil can hermetically seal small foil diameters that are contained within a much larger diameter cap, well known in the ketchup industry.
Available in a wide range of core shapes and sizes, they can be used in such applications as battery chargers, industrial induction heating, UPS and welding equipment.
The Tenth International Induction Heating Seminar held in the fall of 2001 by the Inductoheat [R] Group featured a number of workshops and roundtable discussions.