induction coil

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a coil for producing a high voltage from a low-voltage source

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Finally, this stream is radio frequency modulated for transmission through the induction coils to stationary electronic equipment.
introduced the Refractory Sheet Cylinder Type RS-201 and RS-202 for use as induction coil liners, induction furnace components and molten metal transport tubes.
Water cooling permits the use of copper coils for the induction coils, which are more efficient and several times more durable than the wrapped wire coils at less than half the cost.
The specific hardening range depends on a number of variables, including the power source operating frequency as well as the shape and number of tuns of the induction coil.
The unit consists of a refractory insulated pouring vessel, a refractory tube connected to a vacuum source, a coreless induction coil and power source.
An induction coil and resistance band heaters heat the alloy to processing temperature, with barrel temperature profile dependent on the alloy system being processed.
A somewhat different approach consists of placing a ladle with a non-conducting shell inside a fixed induction coil to provide heating and stirring.
Tenders are invited for Low Voltage Fluid Cooled Induction Coil For Mounting And Dismounting Of Inner Racers Of Cylindrical Bearing Nh324 Suitable For Induction Heater To Model No Hit-25/40 Of M/S.
According to the authors, the process uses a segmented, unlined, water-cooled crucible surrounded by an induction coil for melting.
A Induction Coil To Suit Lipped Inner Racer Of Axle Box Bearing L6204 Nbc - 01 No / Set, B Induction Coil To Plane Inner Racer Of Axle Box Bearing L6205 Nbc - 01 No / Set.
Pulse induction applies electricity on and off at regular intervals using an induction coil, then measures the decay curve of the induced eddy current.
This process, developed by the Steel Casting Research and Trade Association (SCRATA), uses a stainless steel ladle placed within an induction coil.
Crucibles can be heated either by means of a flame or electrically by mid-frequency induction coil, either lift-coil (push-out) or fixed-coil furnace.