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Synonyms for inducive

inducing or influencing


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This payment intervenes in a critical moment and we hope it will have an inducive effect for it is important that the donor countries pursue their efforts in budgetary aid in favor of the Palestinian Authority," Desagneaux said in a statement.
Arlington, Virginia) illustrates how to employ inducive, deductive and other reasoning tools in pro and con arguments through numerous updated examples.
The goal is to support security in Iraq, to create an atmosphere inducive to dialogue between Iran and the US on issues of interest to the region, because the security of the region serves the security of Iraq," he said.
NZNO's submission on the review of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act expresses serious concerns about the lack of prior notification and states that "such negligence in regard to genuine consultation with the most significant stakeholder is hardly inducive to the collaborative environment necessary to effect a well functioning health system.
THERE are few pastimes so inducive to pipe-dreams as a glimpse through a shiny stack of property brochures.
Set up a chart illustrating how the blue mold spores are added to the milk, the salting process, and how the fresh cheese is pierced with long needles to create passageways inducive to air circulation to facilitate the growing of the mold.