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act of bringing about a desired result

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METABOLIC POISON While much remains to be understood about hibernation and torpor, researchers have made progress toward inducing similar states in laboratory studies.
Inducing a torporlike state with hydrogen sulfide may have been successful because the gas competes with oxygen in mitochondria, cells' power-generating machinery, says Roth.
The water-soluble fraction of UPs was sufficient for inducing ERK1/2 and p38 phosphorylation, which was also losartan inhibitable.
The best defense against these predominantly mucosal pathogens would be vaccines, preferably mucosal vaccines capable of inducing both systemic and mucosal immunity.
The patent protects a procedure for inducing bone marrow stem cells to differentiate into astrocytes, which are brain cells that naturally support neurons in the brain.
Salmonella, on the other hand, actively invades intestinal epithelial cells by inducing membrane ruffling and macropinocytosis.
In addition to the primary data in these studies, AVI scientists intentionally triggered the opposite effect by inducing another altered splice form of CTLA-4 by employing a different antisense sequence.
Arsenic has been shown to modulate cell signaling by inducing mitogen-activated protein kinases to change gene expression (Beyersmann 2002; Yang and Frenkel 2002).
The results from the NIMH sponsored study have provided more evidence that clozapine is one of the most effective medications for treating schizophrenia, although its use is limited due to the risk of inducing agranulocytosis," said John M.
1999; Bruel 1970; Figure 1) were able to produce DNA damage in rat adrenal gland for the same doses and time intervals previously detected as effective for inducing cellular alterations in the heart (Lenzi et al.
The recognition of adenosine's importance in inducing sleep is gratifying, given that many scientists once discounted the connection, says Radulovacki.
With the IVIS measurements, we observed a difference between DES and EP in the kinetics of inducing luciferase activity (Figure 3).
To demonstrate the technique for inducing transparency, the Stanford team used a heated cell containing strontium vapor.
On a per-weight basis, chrysotile was more potent in inducing Ser15 phosphorylation and accumulation of p53 protein than was crocidolite.