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Synonyms for induce

Synonyms for induce

Synonyms for induce

cause to arise


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cause to occur rapidly

reason or establish by induction

produce electric current by electrostatic or magnetic processes

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There is an urgent need to explore possible forms of abuse among recipients of shared delusional disorder by the inducers.
Furthermore, a suitable carrier essentially support inducers for a significant time period and preserve preferred characteristics of inducer integral (Nakkeeran et al.
In vivo haploid induction in maize performance of new inducers and significance of doubled haploid lines in hybrid breeding.
Having a deeper understanding on this form of instability represents an added value for space inducers designers in particular when the turbomachine re-design is requested for meeting more stringent mission requirements.
Enzyme Description Inducers * CYP 1A2 * Responsible for 10% to Aryl hydrocarbons 15% of all CYP P450 (smoking), proton-pump activity inhibitors (omeprazole > lansoprazole > pantoprazole), modafinil, St.
To study the induction effects of xylose, arabinose, xylan the above media were supplemented with different concentration of the inducers.
Our results support the idea that it may be premature to conclude that species richness of gall inducers declines near the equator (Hanson and Gomez-Laurito 2005).
The inducer is an axial impeller which is mounted on the same shaft with the impeller of a pump.
Formation of the nucleosomal DNA ladder is the hallmark of apoptosis so analysis of the pattern of DNA isolated from the cells exposed to different stress inducers was done.
IFN-[alpha], IFN-[gamma], and an IFN inducer, Poly (ICLC), protect mice infected with H1N1 influenza virus (7).
However, in other species, the induction was similar to that seen with known chemical inducers (Kroiher et al.
Patented Vortex technology does not require the use of artificial pore inducers (chemicals).
It is well known that 9-cis and all-trans retinoic acid function as potent inducers of cell differentiation and inhibitors of cell proliferation.
Ceplene, the apoptosis inducers, and MX8899 are investigational drugs and have not been approved by the U.
A 4 X 7 experimental design was used, with 4 different orientations of inducers and 7 different degrees of gap between inducers and target.