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an agent capable of activating specific genes

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someone who tries to persuade or induce or lead on

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The addition of the Donaldson Filtration Solutions Inducer Vent Filter is a welcome addition to our growing filter and filtration kits offerings, said Jennifer Lunceford, manager, Sales for Aeronautical Accessories.
Because these 3D effects could not be taken into account in the design process of the inducer, it results a poor operation of this type of inducer.
poitei-associated inducer, although, in one experiment spontaneous metamorphosis at culture temperature was not statistically different from that induced by the L-poitei associated cue (Fig.
MX2167 is a fast, broad-acting inducer of apoptosis that has demonstrated potency in preclinical testing in prostate cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, small cell lung cancer and leukemia.
There was an interaction between inducer angle and proximity such that inducer angle affected illusion magnitude only when inducer and ta rget were close enough to intersect.
The ETU200 Space-Ray tube heater features a self-contained draft inducer, which pulls products of combustion through the combustion chamber for increased radiant efficiency and safety.
A series of studies at Johns Hopkins University demonstrate that Brassica vegetables are rich sources of phase 2 inducers and identify isothiocyanate sulforaphane as the principal phase 2 inducer in broccoli extracts.
He speculates that dopamine acts as a reminder of past rewards rather than just as a pleasure inducer.
According to Anthony Fauci, MD, and Cliff Lane, MD, "The hallmark of HIV disease is a profound immunodeficiency resulting primarily from a progressive quantitative and qualitative deficiency of the subset of T lymphocytes referred to as helper or inducer T cells.
00 Usp) measured in the fluids collected from cultures containing glucose as enzyme inducer probably indicates that a small amount of this enzyme is produced constitutively by P.
It says: "Many people make the mistake of thinking alcohol is a sleep inducer because it may initially make you feel drowsy or put you to sleep.
This latest case--what one might call a folie a trente-neuf--is a prime example of psychic influencing by an inducer.
Recently Japanese researchers have postulated that the resonance of higher-order surge instabilities with the first bending mode of the inducer blades was responsible for the fatigue failure of the liquid hydrogen pump inducer of the 8th launch ofH-II rocket in November 1999.