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Although through conventional breeding, the improvement in qualitative traits can be achieved but it is painstaking and time consuming process, however the most useful and less time consuming techniques for improvement of fatty acid and oil content in crop plants is induced mutation (Banerjee and Swaminathan, 1966; Hameed et al.
Basic tool of nuclear technology for crop improvement is the use of ionizing radiation which causes induced mutations in plants.
In plant selection programme, breeders usually start with a large number of test entries which comes either from crossing, induced mutation or introduction from foreign sources.
The highest observed induced mutation frequency for all three Salmonella strains occurred at a daunomycin concentration of 120 [micro]g/mL (maximally induced mutation frequencies are listed in Table 2, Column 3).
TifEagle was selected in 1990 as a dense, fine-textured, offtype genotype within a plot of an induced mutation (Mutant no.
Thus, in utero development is a critical window of risk for environmentally induced mutations that can lead to adverse health effects during adult life.
Danica through in vitro culture and induced mutations.
This manuscript details the report on use of low dose of induced mutations on germ cells and selection of useful mutants.
The researchers identified soybean lines that had natural or induced mutations in either FAD2-1A or FAD2-1B that interfered with the proper function of the genes.
Induction of mutations using physical and chemical mutagens is one of the important ways to generate new variability and the potential of this technique is understood by the fact that more than 2250 varieties have been derived through induced mutations and the economic impact of these mutant cultivars has been realised (Ahloowalia et al.
The endgame of these research efforts-which include genetic engineering and other biological techniques that create chemically induced mutations to improve how algae functions-is to domesticate algae, to make it a crop highly efficient at converting sunlight and carbon dioxide into lipids and oils that can be sent to a refinery and made into replacements for conventional gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and ethanol, as well as various other chemicals.
One study investigating both soluble and particulate Cr(VI) compounds found that both potassium chromate (soluble) and barium chromate (particulate) induced mutations in transgenic V79 cells containing the bacterial gpt reporter gene.
The appearance of partially digested bands is a function of UV fluence and amount of dimers present in the DNA or UV-B induced mutations at dimer sites.