induced abortion

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Induced abortion was defined as the deliberate termination of a pregnancy, during the first 28 weeks.
In the years since 2010, when the most recent estimates were obtained, a number of significant changes have occurred that may affect both access to MR services and the level of induced abortion.
She said that WHO estimated that one in eight pregnancy related deaths result from unsafe abortion and in the developing world, as a whole, an estimated five million women are admitted to hospital for treatment of one or the other induced abortion related complications each year.
At lower level of literacy, prevalence of induced abortion was higher in rural area.
18 Poverty, illiteracy and multi parity are strong determinants of induced abortion in some parts of the world.
The 2011 Society of Family Planning (SFP) clinical guidelines on prevention of infection after induced abortion identified 14 randomized trials that examined the efficacy of antibiotic regimens administered preoperatively to prevent upper genital tract infection after first trimester surgical procedures.
In the past 30 years, landmark advances in developmental and molecular breast biology coupled with multiple epidemiologic studies from around the world have shown induced abortion to be an independent risk factor for breast cancer.
1 According to the Turkey Demographic and Health Survey (TDHS), the percentage of women who underwent induced abortion at least once was 10% in 1968 and 22% in 2008, while the number of abortions performed voluntarily was 17 per 100 pregnancies in 1968, decreasing to 10 in 2008.
Medical authorities' defensive stance on legally induced abortion seems also to be one reason why few cancer epidemiologists wish to acknowledge the increased risks of breast cancer among women who have had abortions, and they prefer to explain the increased modern incidence of female breast cancer only in vague terms.
As the consequences of unintended pregnancy and induced abortion result in substantial costs to the country's health care system, as well as to women and their families, policymakers and service providers must make improved access to quality contraceptive services an urgent priority, especially in rural areas, so that Pakistani women are better able to time and space their pregnancies and have the number of children they desire.
Globally it is estimated that 70000 women approximately 13% of annual maternal deaths result from complications of induced abortion with 99% of these in developing countries and 23000 in African countries.
Interpretation of unsafe abortion should be linked to the most recent technical guidance on the management of complications of induced abortion.
principal investigators judged their own information on induced abortion to be unreliable" (even though it had been vetted by peer review and published in a prominent medical journal).
One in six Kyrgyz women age 15-49 has ever had an induced abortion (18 percent), according to the 2012 Kyrgyz Republic Demographic and Health Survey.
McGill studied 17,916 women of whom thirteen per cent had undergone one induced abortion, and five per cent had had two or more induced abortions.