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They are simply mathematical artifacts of a procedure designed to direct our attention rather than to identify indubitable truths.
Il faut souligner, toutefois, la responsabilite indubitable de la charniere centrale setifienne dans les buts marques par Seguer (61') et Khoualed (73').
Then came along the NVC with indubitable promises of improvement; fair and better treatment, and a living document that would be easily fixed.
Perhaps it was perpetuated by trauma, by drugs, or extreme circumstances, but regardless, it carried an indubitable truth and power.
Toutefois, il convient de mettre le doigt sur le devenir de cette ebauche decisive, dans la mesure ou l'ancienne experience de la region avait revele un deficit indubitable, au niveau de l'elite susceptible de mener a bien cette nouvelle epreuve, si l'on sait que la majeure partie des elus, aidee par un climat electoral entache de fraude et de soudoiement, manquait de competence, d'imagination et de visibilite.
8) He acknowledged that these academic efforts on his part met resistance among certain Ulema scholars and theologians, but Dara dismissed such opposition as being directed against, not him, but "all the words of Unitarianism, which are most evident from the glorious Qur'an and the authentic traditions of indubitable prophecy.
Holding this festival for 21 years now is an indubitable sign that the Kuwaiti public savors cultural events and shows limitless interest in purposeful seminars and forum and lectures on varied topics and entertaining stage shows and plays and musical presentations, said Assistant Secretary General for Cultural Affairs at the National Council for Culture, Arts, and Letters (NCCAL) Dr.
Faugheen bolted up and while it is all too easy to get carried away when you see a Grade 1 hurdle won by this sort of paralysing degree of superiority, this was one of those occasions when you turned away from watching the race with the unmistakeable feeling you had seen a performance of indubitable class.
The Romantic philosopher, Schelling, like Fichte and Hegel, grounds this claim in an indubitable intuition of mind.
The experience of dreaming somewhat famously undermines the sense of security that the world of our daily reality is indubitable or as firm and intact as our senses lead us to believe from moment to moment.
Meldrum is an indubitable legend in the Australian music industry.
Ainsi, aucun des passages choisis par l'auteur pour analyser le rite zurki ne fait de maniere indubitable de lien entrece rite et celui consistant badigeonner de sang un objet ou un lieu.
Instead of weighing in at the deep level, let us begin very simply and immediately with what is functionally, though not theoretically, indubitable, but which is also necessary for communicating the approach to and articulation of the theoretically indubitable.
Having a correct national political life cannot be achieved except through a clear confession in a number of indubitable principles that constitute the core of Bbda declaration and Bkirki national charter," Geagea said, pointing that these principles are: independence of Lebanon, respect of and commitment to the constitution and Lebanon's neutrality.