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Synonyms for indorsement

a promotional statement (as found on the dust jackets of books)

a speech seconding a motion

a signature that validates something

the act of endorsing

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63) If an instrument is payable to (or to the order of) an identified person, however, then the negotiation requires not just delivery, but also indorsement by the prior holder.
It is true that he does not promise in so many words that he will use reasonable efforts to place the defendant's indorsements and market her designs.
Property in the goods passes by such indorsement and delivery of the bill of lading, whenever it is the intention of the parties that the property should pass, just as under similar circumstances the property would pass by an actual delivery of the goods .
The Board's proposed amendments: (1) set forth the requirements of the Check 21 Act that apply to banks; (2) provide a model disclosure and model notices relating to substitute checks; and (3) set forth bank indorsement and identification requirements for substitute checks.
Initially, a negotiable instrument could be transferred only by an indorsement or signature of the payee.
is of a type which is in ordinary course of business transferred by delivery with any necessary indorsement or assignment.
In San Francisco this meant review by the Indorsement Council, a private body closely connected to the Chamber of Commerce; in Los Angeles it was the Social Service Commission, a municipal body.
22) In light of these warranties, a bank providing a signature guarantee must verify the identity of the customer providing the indorsement or signing the instruction.
sections] 4:32, at 394 defines "endorsements" as "matter [that] may be added to, and become a part of a contract of insurance by way of [e]ndorsements or marginal notations or references made on the policy itself, particularly when the indorsement or reference is expressly referred to in the policy.
Grant, Indorsement on a letter regarding the Whiskey Ring, July 19, 1875)).
But, so far, Congress only had acted; and an indorsement by the people, real or apparent, was indispensable to save the point already gained and give chance for more.
himself issued the requisite indorsement letters and similar documentation addressed to the DA and NABCOR, acts which were necessary to ensure that the chosen NGO would be awarded the project,' the Ombudsman said.
The indorsement requirement invokes a UCC Article 3 transfer by negotiation.
Guidelines set out by the Advertising Standards Authority mean any ads, including celebrity indorsement, must be obviously identifiable, and they recommend that celebs add a #spon or #ad to make it clear.