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Synonyms for indorsement

a promotional statement (as found on the dust jackets of books)

a speech seconding a motion

a signature that validates something

the act of endorsing

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Indorsement served to limit the scope for buyer-side fraud, that is, fraud that would result from a buyer passing on a low-quality or forged debt instrument to a seller.
The plaintiff filed the original note, which showed an indorsement to another person, but no indorsement to the plaintiff.
Maj Roka Pamperien, Chief, Plans and Operations Office, Aircraft and Equipment Division to The Deputy Inspector General for Technical Inspection and Flight Safety Research, Norton Air Force Base, San Bernardino, California, 1st Indorsement, 15 Sep 1952 in O'Brien Accident Report, 21 May 1952.
99) First, prior to taking action on the case, the convening authority signed an indorsement to the SJA recommendation stating that he was "neither involved in the writing of, nor has my action been influenced in any way by the newspaper article" at issue.
30am for the TRANSFER to the Applicant of the ordinary Seven Day Publican's Licence attached to the premises known as "The Halfway House" and situate at Smithstown, Ballinlough, Crossakiel, County Meath in the court area and district aforesaid and heretofore licensed in the name of Adrian McGrane as nominee of Spicer Sales Ltd AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that Application will be made at the same time in accordance with the provisions of section 30 of the Intoxicating Liquor Act, 1927 for transfer of the said Licence freed and discharged from any indorsements against, or records of offences committed by the former Licensee.
The performance of this promise cannot be enforced, for the reason that the promise relates to indorsements which he is under no obligation to place, and the performance of it is left entirely to his own judgment.
The abuse and accusations of party treason which have been heaped upon some judges in the recent past because of decisions thought to be contrary to the interests of an indorsing party ought to be evidence enough of the impropriety of party indorsements and of their purpose to induce partisan political rather than impartial judicial decisions.