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a greenhouse in which plants are arranged in a pleasing manner

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Wolverton, who pioneered indoor gardens for wastewater treatment, has tested and rated 50 houseplants for their pollutant filtering capabilities, ease of growth and maintenance, and resistance to pests.
When we were planning this January issue, the idea of indoor gardens seemed a soothing antidote to the excitement and busyness of the holidays.
Marijuana cultivation expert Ed Rosenthal, testifying for the defense, said a 25-square-foot indoor garden such as Foster's could reasonably be expected to produce about a dozen ounces of usable marijuana per crop, something like 600 joints.
Hardwood floors gleam, wooden walls reflect a warm glow, and a small indoor garden provides an oasis for students.
OTC: EXMT) said it has successfully acquired Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions, Inc.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-June 1, 2015-Anything Technologies Media acquires Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions
It will include Singapore's biggest indoor garden, fed by a five-storey "rain vortex" waterfall, and up to 300 shops.
The mall will also home to a 1,000 sq m indoor garden and a 180m viewing deck providing views over the palm development and the Dubai skyline.
The Gladiator star spent the weekend in New York, where he took the stage at the Gramercy Theatre for the Indoor Garden Party on Saturday night.
Please plant the seeds we send outdoors or invest in a more efficient indoor garden before continuing.
Thompson, the vice president of investor relations for AeroGrow International, said the 2-year-old company continues to introduce a bevy of indoor garden products and seed kits to its existing line.
An indoor garden party was held at Bradley Infants and Nursery School.
Greg Wilson of Indoor Garden will present a program on houseplants at 1 p.
The year-round program, which requires materials such as soil, plants, and projects for the indoor garden, is an additional $3,000.
In cold climates, even with limited space, you can create an outdoor "greenhouse" experience or an indoor garden atrium.
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