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the property being difficult or impossible to defeat

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With his "new power came joyous courage, indomitability of purpose, a restless activity of body and mind .
Former Vibe and Spin editor Alan Light says her mix of indomitability and accessibility is one key to her enduring appeal.
When the going gets tough, the betting shop punter gets going, battling his way through adversity to the LBO, not so much to confirm the indomitability of the human spirit, rather to drink free coffee, talk about how close he came to going in to work today but the trains were a bit up the spout, and swear at innocent trainers.
A touching and moving memoir, "A Dragon's Tale" is a shining and uplifting read of the indomitability of the human spirit.
As Miller discusses in her article, "Caribbean Women Playwrights: Madness, Memory, but Not Melancholia," what is commonly thought of as French feminism "does not apprehend a certain kind of indomitability of the spirit prevalent in their plays and the concerted attempt within each play to regenerate the male in the midst of the focal female characters" (226).
And the indomitability of a brown-skinned person flows far deeper than the skin.
The indomitability of the human spirit takes one squarely on the chin in "En Un Sol Amarillo (Memorias de Un Tremblor).
His work reflects the quintessence of the city--its light and its air, and above all its indomitability.
Dandy was no loss to the diplomatic service, but in the bizarre democracy that is racing he has grafted his way to the top through sheer talent and indomitability.
Coming as it did from supporters willing to travel half the length of the country for their team - and given the kick-off, at a much earlier and colder time too - such indomitability of spirit in defeat shouldn't really surprise.
As we drove up a steep, dusty road to visit a Presbyterian project in the hill country, we were struck by the indomitability of the human spirit.
In its humble way, Ticket To Jerusalem affirms the indomitability of humanity and the value of cinema in even the worst of circumstances.
Just as all this personal growth and feistiness and indomitability were getting to be more than you could stand, along came critics who began sniping at the movie's account of the Hinkley case.
In other ways the film represents this deep scar in the apparently happy family as a sign of manhood's indomitability, or that only those who have `been there' can know.
Alienation and indomitability infuse the work of these five maverick photographers.