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the property being difficult or impossible to defeat

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She sees it as a deliberate attempt aimed at supporting the playwright's belief in the indomitability of African culture ("The Representation of Women" 66).
Gaza is a place where the human spirit has shown its indomitability time and time again.
than with the breadth and depth of its considerable power, which speaks not to the indomitability of the spirit, but to the fragility of the self" MEGAN O'GRADY
Creativity persists even when it seems asleep, and it is a common understanding of all the main authors I refer to in this article, that creativity is characterized by unpredictability and indomitability.
SINEAD O'CONNOR: A performance by the great singersongwriter whose songs create emotional snapshots, musical testaments to the indomitability of the human spirit.
The history is incredible, the indomitability of the Revie years, the controversy of Clough's short reign and those players too, the Bremners, the Lorimars, that Tony Yeboah superstrike all mark Leeds as one of the major players in British football down the years.
For millions of people, 1 World Trade represents not only hope and perseverance, but the indomitability of the American spirit.
Such achievements shattered the image of indomitability of the Israeli army, exposing a weakness that other radical Islamist groups may try to exploit.
But it also has resolve and fortitude, strength and indomitability.
His relegation to the back door, symbolic to Joe of Joanna's masculine indomitability and whiteness, renders her feminine gesture of preparing food for him loathsome and a mockery of his own precarious manhood.
1) Force indomitability will not be sufficient; therefore, strategies used to accomplish the missions outlined in defense strategic guidance must have human objectives, defined as "actions taken to influence people--be they government and military leaders or groups within a population--as their core strategic focus.
The Russian campaign and the difficulties the French army encountered became an important component of the great Napoleonic legend, including the invincibility of the old guard and the indomitability of the French marshals.
All Is Lost touches on similar themes to Alfonso Cuaron's blockbuster Gravity - solitude, mortality, the indomitability of the human spirit - albeit without the whizz-bang digital effects.
All Is Lost touches on similar themes to Alfonso Cuaron''s blockbuster Gravity - solitude, mortality, the indomitability of the human spirit - albeit without whizz-bang digital effects.
Briski's indomitability and to the irrepressible creative spirits of the children themselves," wrote A.