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give individual character to

give individual shape or form to

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The son of man is a Jungian constellation of values, the purpose of which is to help us individuate as persons.
Through processes such as the clarification of interests, values, skills, and personality traits and the examination of life roles, clients begin to individuate, to discover their authentic selves, and to identify their own sense of meaning.
When confronted with the bind of having to individuate from an individuation-inhibiting family system, youth are likely to become highly anxious.
Experiments such as those on cellular correlates of learning may eventually allow us to directly individuate inner events; see, e.
A closer reading of Aquinas's texts reveals that intelligible species, not phantasms, individuate thought.
Filmed as flatly as it is scripted, ``Winter Solstice'' has little to say about family dynamics because it just doesn't do enough to individuate this potentially interesting household of grieving, unsatisfied men.
Although I am willing to allow that tradition is embedded in practice, which is, of course, part of concrete social reality, I do not think particular practices are natural kinds, or discrete chunks, with clear boundaries by which we might individuate them.
One group learnt to individuate the objects with unique names, much like a person does with other people and faces.
So perhaps, in the absence of individuating criteria, descriptive traits can serve to individuate.
Within a family systems and family development framework, the ability of youths to successfully individuate is tied to the overarching tolerances for autonomy and intimacy that exist within the family.
0 now gives companies the ability to individuate the web experience for end-users with a new scoring and personalization engine.
On the one hand, it implies that human actions cannot be understood in purely mental terms, which has important consequences for the ways in which we individuate and describe our acts, as well as implying that moral goodness cannot have itself as its own primary object.
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