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Synonyms for individualistic

Synonyms for individualistic

concerned with the person rather than with society

Synonyms for individualistic

marked by or expressing individuality

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with minimally restricted freedom in commerce

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Social complexity also shares the same beliefs in the interdependent nature of the world, thus matching the vertical patterns of inter-relationship characterizing hierarchy, which can be either individualistic or collectivistic (Chen, et.
For example, advertisements in countries with a collectivistic cultural orientation, such as Japan, typically contain more emotional and less informative appeals than do those shown in countries with an individualistic cultural orientation, like the US (Kalliny, 2010), suggesting that charity advertisers need to use different approaches to effectively communicate their donation-soliciting message across cultural orientations.
H1 a: Collectivistic Web site appeals will result in greater multitasking among Chinese American Internet users than individualistic appeals.
The issue now is that there are more collective societies than individualistic societies, but most of what we know about leadership comes from the US, but should be from places like the Gulf.
In this way, individualistic societies do not primarily value equality, but rather value those who distinguish themselves.
Markus and Kitayama (1991) suggested that people in collectivist societies tend to have higher interdependent and lower independent self-construal, whereas the opposite relationship is expected in individualistic societies.
The wearer's personality is reflected by the frame's modern structure of a milled titanium front, individualistic temples with the three rhythmic bevel slits and masculine dual colours.
Results: Results revealed maximum goal achievement for subjects who were randomly placed in cooperative conditions as compared to those assigned in competitive and individualistic situations.
Generally speaking, beliefs can be divided among two perspectives: individualistic and structural.
Traditional views of individualism and collectivism suggest that Eastern countries will exhibit collectivistic tendencies while Western countries will exhibit individualistic tendencies.
As Fodor put it, psychological explanations are intentional if an individualistic notion of 'intentional state' can be constructed (Fodor 1991, p.
If yesterday sin had a rather individualistic dimension, today it has a value and resonance that is above all social, because of the great phenomenon of globalization," Monsignor Girotti told the Vatican's newspaper
Compare also with the thriving and individualistic High Streets of towns such as Yarm, Stokesley, Northallerton etc, all of which offer free disc parking.
This paper proposes an individualistic approach to the Instructional Design field by putting learner in to the center of the design process.
Omatsu and Chen boldly include activities that directly speak to stereotypes, in which students discuss whether Asian characters in various scenarios are behaving in individualistic ways, and take a walking tour of a Chinatown in order to explicitly discuss the differences between it and surrounding neighborhoods.