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a rare soft silvery metallic element

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Indium Corporation's precision manufacturing processes and technologies ensure repeatable success in a production process.
The firm aims to use 85 percent of the gross proceeds to purchase and stockpile the metal indium, and 15 percent for general corporate purposes.
The firm, which buys and stockpiles indium, is selling 4.
Next, the team cut up the wafers to yield laser chips in which an applied voltage makes the indium phosphide layer produce light.
This allows indium particles to continuously travel back and forth and maintain all atoms in transit.
Indium, the Missing Trace Mineral, New Health Press, Inc, 2001.
Cantillon has sweetened up quite a few horses in his time, Stratton being a notable example last winter, and Indium, formerly with Willie Musson, looks the latest recipient of the magic touch.
Indium can endure considerable deformation through compression and cold-welds easily.
began operating its indium plant at the Kidd Creek metallurgical site.
My interest in the coordination chemistry of indium arose from studies of the solvent extraction behaviour of this and other elements with a convenient radio-trace.
This report is part of NanoMarkets' ongoing analysis of both the PV materials space and the indium industry.
com)-- Indium Corporation was presented with the Global Technology Award for Best Products - Americas for InFORMS[R] high-reliability solder preforms, on Nov.
Imec and Ghent University present, for the first time, arrays of indium phosphide lasers monolithically integrated on 300mm silicon substrates in a CMOS pilot line.
In this research, indium oxide was used as a semi-conductor with high density of n-type carriers.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 5, 2011--Sunrise Securities, Rodman & Renshaw run SMG Indium stock sale(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.