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  • verb

Synonyms for indite

to form letters, characters, or words on a surface with an instrument

to form by artistic effort

Synonyms for indite

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Hear how learn'd Greece her useful Rules indites, When to repress, and when indulge our Flights: High on Parnassus' Top her Sons she show'd, And pointed out those arduous Paths they trod, Held from afar, aloft, th' Immortal Prize, And urg'd the rest by equal Steps to rise; Just Precepts thus from great Examples giv'n, She drew from them what they deriv'd from Heav'n.
He writes of critic George Steiner: "Nearly every sentence he indites contains the title of a book, the name of the author, an --ism or an --ology, foreign phrases, and plenty of quotation marks to go around.
A boy wails, and an angel dives with the martyr's crown Another angel, behind the altar between Calling and Death, indites the Gospel, and he writes, looking up as in doubt of his own mind