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Synonyms for indite

to form letters, characters, or words on a surface with an instrument

to form by artistic effort

Synonyms for indite

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The hour is come" Sir Walter Scott indited gloomily, "but not the man.
1991: Indited by special grand jury on raping Desiree Washington
was indited for felonius murther by her comited, vppon Martha Clark, her owne child, the frute of her owne body.
The Princess intercepts a letter intended for Jaquenetta, the "country wench," and asks Boyet to read it and describe the writer: "What plume of feathers is he that indited this letter?
Audit findings should lay out he state of the records management program in the unit that is being indited.
6) In both cases, one near the beginning and one near the end of the poem, Amant is indited for Idol worship by first seeming almost as deluded as Narcissus and by later seeming more deluded than Pygmalion.
Bored with studying law after graduating from Harvard College, he experimented with different verse forms and indited his first sustained poem, a satirical portrait of nine young women entitled "A Vision," influenced by Trumbull's Progress of Dulness.
He indited the illuminist bourgeoisie for creating a godless, avaricious, rapacious, and uncharitable age in which the common people suffered even more than they had before.
Cohn, who has asked some searching questions about the significance of person in the realms of history versus fiction (biography and fictional autobiography versus history and third-person fiction(37)), has recently extended her enquiry to texts written in the present tense ("I doze and I wake"), arguing that first-person present-tense texts are especially nonnatural in their structure and design, usually hedging and obliterating the issue of their own production: that is to say, deliberately unwriting the circumstances under which they could be enunciated or indited.
To avenge myself of this unusual silence, which is a manifest usurpation of my privileges (being the worst correspondent in the world, Heber excepted), I have indited to you an epistle in verse, and that I may be sure of its reaching your hands, I have caused to be thrown off 2000 copies thereof, that you may not plead ignorance.
This saturnalia of textual deviation takes as its provenance the controversial holograph indited by Moore on a cocktail napkin from the Fraunces Tavern.
They were formed in Uganda and are led by the International Criminal Court indited Joseph Kony, who describes himself as a 'spokesperson' for God.
But to have it indited there in black and white in the middle of a 576-page book of philosophy called Concluding Unscientific Postscript is something else again.