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Synonyms for indisposed

Synonyms for indisposed

affected or tending to be affected with minor health problems

not inclined or willing to do or undertake

Synonyms for indisposed

somewhat ill or prone to illness

(usually followed by 'to') strongly opposed

References in classic literature ?
His young wife, so Venden told the story--he had been married half a year--was at church with her mother, and suddenly overcome by indisposition, arising from her interesting condition, she could not remain standing, she drove home in the first sledge, a smart-looking one, she came across.
The little man shook his head, and scratched it ruefully as he contemplated this severe indisposition of a principal performer.
Then my German doctors held another consultation, put on their spectacles, and told me that if I would go abroad, and take a course of the waters, the indisposition would finally pass away.
During my confinement for want of clothes, and by an indisposition that held me some days longer, I much enlarged my dictionary; and when I went next to court, was able to understand many things the king spoke, and to return him some kind of answers.
And I hope you will not be cruelly concealing any tendency to indisposition.
Mandl (German title: "Gesundheitslehre der Stimme"), which gives most excellent advice, even for minor indispositions.
De meme, enchaEne-t-il, il est grand temps de recouvrer la pratique politique saine dediee au grand peuple et en depoussierer toutes les indispositions nocives, a l'instar des tentatives reconciliatrices manifestees, avec determination, a l'adresse des victimes des annees de plomb, de la condition de la femme, des droits de l'homme, de la culture et la langue amazighe, de la revision constitutionnelle.
Despite her frequent indispositions, she continues to be the soul of hospitality and welcomes to her home a constant flow of visitors, most of whom expected to be fed and to receive her undivided attention.