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Synonyms for indisposition

the state of not being disposed or inclined

a minor illness, especially one of a temporary nature

the condition of being sick

Synonyms for indisposition

a slight illness

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Prof Williams said: "He is suffering a temporary indisposition.
What with the late indisposition of Walter Swinburn, and then the abysmal weather, I was definitely fearing the worst.
Not that Richard Margison was a poor choice for Gustavus, although he announced an indisposition on opening night, a year and a half after sounding indisposed as Radames, also in Place des Arts.
Petit's indisposition, will still have their work cut out against France's blend of battlers and creators, Joseba Etxeberria may spend large chunks of the match double-banking with Michel Salgado in a concerted effort to blunt Bixente Lizarazu's attacks, while Gaizka Mendieta, Spain's player of the tournament, is odds against to get much change out of Lilian Thuram, the world's premier defender.
Perhaps my illness was celestial revenge, to punish me for having recently started a new feature in this column called Celebrity Indisposition, commemorating public displays of unwellness by the rich and famous.
Unfortunately, both of them at the performances I attended (in June) were suffering from an indisposition.
Otherwise, Nathan Gunn (Guglielmo), Lauren McNeese (Dorabella) and Nuccia Focile (Despina) acted amusingly but with little vocal distinction, while Thomas Allen (Alfonso) was practically voiceless--a temporary indisposition, we hope.
Just as they were loading them at Newmarket, there was an announcement in the ones at Bath: "Due to indisposition, we regret that Sara Crowe is unable to appear in this afternoon's performance.
Initially pleading indisposition, she couldn't resist and demonstrated anyway, and her Wagnerian-sized voice almost made the walls shake in the intimate Salle Claude-Champagne.
If Poyet's indisposition constitutes "not liking the physical stuff" then I'll bow to Savage's greater knowledge, although I will never, repeat never, get a haircut like his.
Half the first-team pack are wounded and David Hunt's current indisposition is typical of a team who are down on their luck.
Summary: Kuwait, Dhu Al-Hijjah 16, 1431, Nov 22, 2010, SPA -- Kuwaiti Council of Ministers expressed in its weekly session here on Sunday its satisfaction over the improvement of the health condition of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Ibn Abdulaziz Al Saud, following a recent indisposition.
No sign of impending indisposition was visible or audible in Levine's enthusiastic, emphatic presentation of the mammoth score--by no means my ideal of how it should go, but I sure could tell that he likes it.
Being one of the missing hundreds from the Iolanta performance that completed the WNO summer programme (no excuse can be laid at the Hippodrome air-conditioning) I can only say that if I had attended, I would have been so disappointed to hear of Nuccia Focile's indisposition
A couple of years ago you may recall that I ran a strand called Celebrity Indisposition inspired by a wondrous sight I'd witnessed on holiday.