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the quality possessed by something that you cannot possibly do without

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A new way of thinking about Inference to the Best Explanation (IBE) is proposed and recent trends in the debate over the indispensability of mathematics to science are tracked and criticised.
Sairey Stemp,merchandising editor at Elle says that Marc Jacobs's spring/summer show for Louis Vuitton demonstrated the indispensability of the perfect purse this season.
Keane's looks a classic case of a man of limited intelligence starting to believe the stories about his indispensability and simply getting too big for his boots.
In chapter two, Klein makes a convincing case of how local American demand stimulated the development of the trade and illustrates the absolute indispensability of slaves to the economic development of the New World.
One constant for foreign buyers, even in co-productions, is the indispensability of an American star.
This general approach to mathematical existence-assertions would resemble the Quinean indispensability argument Putnam once favoured (in his [1971]).
Photo: Mike Piazza's indispensability to the Dodgers became apparent the instant he tweaked his knee.
But doing that would project an image of indispensability on Tetangco, which is anathema or a big no-no in business and government.
In addition, projects such as the renovation of the fire safety system, expansion of parking areas or carrying out the work set out in ad~ap are integrated in the operation due to their indispensability to obtaining Permissions to build or renovate.
IBE, Enoch contends, is really an instance of the more general indispensability argument.
His indispensability is reflected in the number of key ministerial decision-making groups, known as Group of Ministers, he has been asked to head since 2004.
Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, who gave away the certificates to the graduating students, reminded them about the indispensability of soft skills to succeed in life.
The best argument for the indispensability of singular thought requires us to look beyond the actual world.
The tedious tournament that has been under way since the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005 has thrust Lebanon's Christians into what should have been a very central role, affording them an opportunity to demonstrate their indispensability to national interests by playing broker between the country's Sunnis and Shiites.
The editors include a selection of papers by Kolnai, including "The Indispensability of Philosophy," Distributed by Books International.