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Synonyms for indiscriminate

Synonyms for indiscriminate

having no particular pattern, purpose, organization, or structure

Antonyms for indiscriminate

failing to make or recognize distinctions

not marked by fine distinctions

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Indiscrimination by nature pertains to whether a weapon
In comparison to it, Mohamed Behnassi (2008) gave importance to experience, knowledge and indiscrimination as qualities required for an auditor referring, in reality, the experience required for an auditor to undertake a high quality and credible social audit is significant.
Senses Devotion Laziness Intellect/Wisdom *** Discrimination Indiscrimination Egoism Love Hatred One's own Nature Discipline Indiscipline One's own thinking Duty Shirk (Sense of thinking) Responsibility Deduct Senses Total Righteousness Unrighteousness (Dharma) (Adharma) * The body is just an instrument.
This apparent indiscrimination in terms of location may well suggest that the act of producing a cupule was more important than where they were displayed or consumed in the landscape.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Bahraini opposition groups in a statement underlined that the security solutions and measures adopted by the al-Khalifa regime cannot deter the Bahraini nation's struggle for justice and indiscrimination.
Additional clarification between the map--territory analogy can be attained by applying two frequently used general semantics devices: indexing as an antidote for indiscrimination and dating as an antidote for static evaluation.
The European Commission focused on measures aimed at protecting human rights, indiscrimination of minorities and minorities rights, the acknowledgement of Europe's cultural diversity, economic and social cohesion built through intercultural cooperation.
For the correlation matrix, some constructs have high correlation with other constructs which can be interpreted as indiscrimination between two constructs.
Senses S Devotion Laziness Intellect/ W Discrimination Indiscrimination Wisdom *** Egoism E Love Hatred One's own N Discipline Indiscipline Nature One's own thinking (Sense of 0 Duty Shirk thinking) Responsibility Deduct Senses Righteousness Unrighteousness Total (Dharma) (Adharma) Notes : * The body is just an instrument.
Incidentally, the same phenomenon occurs in other social media--the repercussions of indiscrimination that made their way to Facebook.
But Candyinan is more than a marker of Glass' indiscrimination between high and low culture and more about his willingness to try anything, even if it is questionable.
The Ambassador paid glowing tributes to the Founder of Pakistan, Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and said that Pakistan was created on the ground rules of religious freedom and indiscrimination.
The fields which the researcher found they are neglected the most are: freedom of education selection, indiscrimination upon the tribe, social and economical situation, geographic area, justice in admission chances in secondary education, and racism.
the training of educators; basic resources of teaching and learning, and rural and urban indiscrimination in these institutions are focussed.
Lorenzana says she won't tolerate indiscrimination, even if it means suing the ones who employed her after she was thrown out of Citigroup.