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Synonyms for indiscriminate

Synonyms for indiscriminate

having no particular pattern, purpose, organization, or structure

Antonyms for indiscriminate

failing to make or recognize distinctions

not marked by fine distinctions

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We need not contemplate the sacrifice of ceramics diversity in order to preserve the effectiveness of criticism, since indiscrimination does not inevitably follow from pluralism or even from relativism.
Guilty of indiscrimination, not to mention stereotyping, Madame "had an original theory that the Irish voice is distressing to the sick" (285).
There are other bills currently under examination by the committee, he said, indicating that some of the draft laws stipulate establishment of the "national general unity authority," tackle racial indiscrimination in addition to the proposed humanitarian laws for the illegal residents.
He said after winning the elections it was a responsibility of the alliance to work for all of the small traders without any indiscrimination or political affiliation.
He added that the PML-N would continue serving the masses without any indiscrimination and the time was not far off when the country would become a strong and developed country.
The rights groups urged the government to adopt different policies in dealing with sectarian tension by basing them on "principles of equality and indiscrimination among citizens.
They rarely commit the fallacy of indiscrimination, and mentally or explicitly index their statements--their verbs as well as their nouns.
He added that the government was successfully implementing its political agenda of social development and serving the masses without any indiscrimination.
The session will witness dialogues with 19 experts in human rights, namely the rights of old people, indiscrimination, impact of hazardous waste on the rights issue, boosting democracy through fair governance, the right to attain development and peace.
He said that indiscrimination action should be taken against the hoarders and profiteers.
In Tunis, Interim President Moncef Marzouki sent a cable of condolences to the South African president, expressing sadness on demise of the struggler against indiscrimination.
It's a form of indiscrimination that just gets everybody angry--and especially those people you're likely to want to impress--your boss (no one wants a worker who will cause human relations problems), your romantic partner (who wants to be in love with a bigot?