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indirect procedure or action

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deceitful action that is not straightforward

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Since 1999 the PLA has had a doctrine that emphasizes indirection and maneuver.
Yet because of Clark's aestheticized indirection, the book may leave some readers-this one included-wondering what actually happened, wondering moreover if that is even a valid consideration.
4) This essay also argues that the effect of Kubrick's indirection is an especially worthwhile way for viewers and readers of his films to contemplate the Holocaust.
It has the obliqueness and indirection of Strauss, and its (unspoken) thesis is the Straussian nihilism that philosophy and faith are unfounded choices.
Yahoo has been floundering for years and it looks like there is going to at least several more months of indirection now that another CEO is coming in," said Adam Hanft, who runs a consulting firm that specializes in brand reputation and crisis management.
Ina few (deceivingly) tentative strokes, she manages to set the example in this poem, which is itself achieved through indirection.
In contrast, the studies in Part II, focused on masques and ceremonies, and at least half of the essays in Part III, dedicated to the fashioning of Elizabeth by her contemporaries, evoke the queen mainly by indirection, through the strategies of parallelism, contextualization, backward and forward tracing of history, and imagining how Elizabeth illuminates certain texts as an audience, a memory, and a fantasy.
The art of indirection in British espionage fiction; a critical study of six novelists.
He goes on to say that "where Western tradition prized the decisive clash of forces, emphasizing feats of heroism, the Chinese ideal stressed subtlety, indirection, and the patient accumulation of relative advantage".
Bahonar was thought to be signaling that he and his band of allies will lay off the government and Ahmadi-nejad but will continue to assail Rahim-Mashai and other targets around Ahmadi-nejad, hitting at the president by indirection.
In an essay on this topic in a not-widely-disseminated anthology published in the year of his death, (3) Spohn described what he called the grace of indirection as the fundamental way in which the arts can help shape our moral imaginations.
She aims by such indirection to suggest unconvincingly that he was sympathetic to Church reform.
He opens his critique with a high-pitched evocation of every parent's nightmare (and just for the record the authors have children of their own and understand the depths of his feeling) and then proceeds by indirection, rhetorical sleight of hand and a few indulgent displays of dubious relevance to excoriate our liberal if not moral failure in choosing a measured analysis over oracular denunciation.
Rather, the narrator of this epic takes on the attributes of his wily, devious hero, who has a penchant for disguises, false leads, coded messages, underhanded-ness, and indirection.
The figures show that for every pounds 27,000 salaried job created, the taxpayer gains by pounds 13,000 as a result of reduced benefit payments and the increased direct and indirection taxes paid by people in work.