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a tax levied on goods or services rather than on persons or organizations

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Author and SKP indirect tax expert Pritam Mahure, who penned the book UAE VAT -- Things you must
He has in-depth experience across a range of industries and leads Indirect Tax relationships with multinational firms in the UK and across borders.
Prior to joining BDO he was leading the indirect tax practice of one of the world's largest accountancy firms in Aberdeen, the UK.
This means awareness about VAT in industry is increasing," said Justin Whitehouse, Deloitte Middle East Indirect Tax leader.
In 1987, during the period of Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone, it was submitted to the Diet as a "new indirect tax" (5% tax rate) in a legislative bill concerning sales taxation that was neither comprehensive nor a "large indirect tax.
GST is a complete overhaul of the indirect tax system that will not only change the rates at which many of the goods and services are being taxed now, but also lead to more individuals coming into the tax net.
So in reality this WHT is impacting the economy in the same way as any indirect tax.
Within your glob++al supply chain, transfer pricing, customs, and indirect tax are undeniably connected.
7]: Indian Gross Indirect Tax Revenue series is buoyant to change in its Base.
indirect taxes, personal income taxation, reforms in transitional countries, and the broad lessons of tax reform efforts; corruption, voice, and accountability in high income countries; the cost of business entry; income inequality and progressive income taxation, pro-poor indirect tax reforms, tax burden, the impact of tax and expenditure policies on income distribution, distribution and poverty impacts on tax structure reform, and the impact of budgets on the poor; and indirect taxes, optimal tax rates and tax design during systemic reform, selective indirect tax reform, border taxes, public funds, and economic recovery and growth.
But, despite India's progress, it still has a complex indirect tax system with separate, sometimes overlapping, taxes administered by various federal, state, and local jurisdictions.
The Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average models are used to produce forecasts of long-term total indirect tax and federal revenue collections, which seem to give minimum forecast errors based on a nonparametric Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD) test.
New Delhi: The Cabinet today approved the Constitution Amendment Bill on Goods and Services Tax (GST), clearing the way for its introduction in ongoing session of Parliament to bring about long-pending indirect tax reforms.
Under this agreement, NEC will combine the international award-winning ONESOURCE Indirect Tax solution from Thomson Reuters with its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions as a robust offering to Japanese companies with global operations.
When you look at the system of indirect tax, it's regressive as in people on lower incomes pay more.