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a tax levied on goods or services rather than on persons or organizations

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Further these two major indirect tax levies should be reformed in such a manner to be easily integrated into proposed GST bill.
Within most multinational companies, transfer pricing, customs, and indirect tax are managed independently.
At present, the following indirect tax incentives are available to the shipbuilding industry.
Vertex is recognized as an innovator in global indirect tax management, having recently received software accreditation from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), and was named European Tax Innovator of the Year by International Tax Review magazine.
Gijsbert Bulk, EY s Global Indirect Tax Leader, says: Rising indirect tax rates are the legacy of economic turmoil and increased tax competition.
Thomson Reuters tax experts maintain the broadest and deepest coverage of indirect tax data, supporting rates and rules for over 14,500 tax authorities in the U.
The increase in indirect tax revenues was mainly on a 25 per cent increase in revenues from excise tax on energy products to e1/4165.
Figures from KPMG's 2009 Corporate and Indirect Tax Rate Survey showed that the long-term slide in tax rates on company profits in Europe and Latin America came to a halt last year.
Moving from Ernst & Young's Edinburgh branch where he worked with indirect tax clients, John joins the 135-strong tax team.
In addition to relieving the City of its obligation to pay substantial maintenance and capital repair costs, the new stadium is expected to generate about $96 million more per year in direct and indirect tax revenue than the City would have received from the team without it.
Andersen has appointed Richard Gilroy as a partner of its indirect tax and financial services team.
An analysis of Indirect Tax which makes the major contribution in the revenue collection, shows that there has been a constant growth from Rs.
Increase in deficit which is the most important budgetary problem of the developing countries, increases buoyancy of indirect tax.
The American people are beginning to understand that much environmental regulation amounts to a heavy, indirect tax.
I think the ratio of direct tax to indirect tax should be fifty-fifty,'' Shiokawa told the House of Councillors' Committee on Financial Affairs.