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an indirect way of expressing something

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The figures in the parentheses, ("(+n)"), denote the number of newly extracted indirect expressions by combining additional weighting schemes.
Overall, as for the 15 biomedical terms that have 507 indirect expressions in the collection, (t) alone extracted 117 ones (23%) correctly.
3 show that the 6 weighting schemes have their own characteristics in pinpointing indirect expressions denoting technical terms and it is very likely that their combinations give better diversity and beneficial effects for discovering hidden relevant expressions.
The girls used verbal indirect expressions like hints, metaphors, and clues to express themselves, to progress, or to limit sexual activity.
Correspondingly, when negotiating about the girls' wish to use a condom, the girls did not discuss directly about intercourse or condom use, instead they dropped hints and talked about "it" or used other indirect expressions.
Indirect expressions are also used to describe Koreans who were forced to work in Japan during the war.
Finally, it must be recognized that competition for wealth, power, and prestige in a society activates the destructive potential and encourages direct and indirect expressions of aggression.
Tanka are 31-syllable poems -- longer versions of 17-syllable ''haiku'' poems -- in which people express their love for others and nature using indirect expressions and metaphor.
Direct and indirect expressions of anger in men and women should be analyzed, and the identity of the underlying emotion exposed.
Nevertheless, glares and disgusted looks are probably indirect expressions of hostility, the researchers contend.